According to TechCrunch, Google announced on Wednesday that it will expand the artificial intelligence editing capabilities in Google Photos to all users for free, which was previously only available for Pixel devices and paid subscribers. The suite of tools, including Magic Editor, Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur, uses machine learning to improve photo quality and composition.

These advanced editing features will begin rolling out on May 15, with a phased rollout expected to be available to all Google Photos users within a few weeks. Users wishing to access the new features will need to meet specific hardware requirements. For ChromeOS devices, compatibility includes Chromebook Plus models running ChromeOS version 118+ or devices with at least 3GB of RAM. Mobile users will need a device running Android 8.0 or higher or iOS 15 or higher. The update also expands support for Pixel tablets.

First launched with Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, Magic Editor stands out for its ability to perform more complex edits through generative AI, such as changing photo backgrounds and enhancing foreground elements. This feature, along with others, is designed to simplify tasks that previously required manual editing in software like Photoshop.

Limitations for non-Pixel users

While all users can enjoy most of the new editing tools without a Google One subscription, Magic Editor comes with a caveat for non-Pixel device owners. These users are limited to a maximum of 10 Magic Editor saves per month unless they subscribe to the premium Google One plan, which provides unlimited access among other benefits.

The expansion represents Google’s strategic response to the growing number of AI-powered editing tools on the market and aims to make high-quality photo editing services accessible to a wider audience. The move significantly enhances the value proposition of Google Photos to users around the world, despite introducing subscription-based restrictions on certain features.

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