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Google enhances Maps with new AI travel feature

Google has announced a number of new updates to its Maps and Search features aimed at helping users plan their travels with the help of artificial intelligence.

Users in more than 40 cities in the United States and Canada will be able to access a list of suggested places to eat and visit through Google Maps. The recommendations generated by these algorithms include three main lists, including a weekly-updated “Hot” list of places currently experiencing a surge in popularity, a “Hot” list of places known for their enduring popularity, and Highlights A list of less popular “gems”. A known but worthwhile destination.

In addition, Google Maps will feature curated recommendations from top sources such as Lonely Planet, The New York Times, The Infatuation and OpenTable. Meanwhile, Google Maps for Android and iOS is introducing enhanced customization capabilities for creating personal listings.

For the first time, users can rearrange the order of positions in these lists and link to related posts on their social media channels. These customizable, shareable lists are great for trip planning, keeping track of favorite locations, and more.

Over the next few months, they will begin showcasing some of the best lists from the mapping community.So if someone creates a list that they believe others will appreciate, they can do so by sending it to [email protected].

Google will also be updating its design to bring a new look to Maps, including a cleaner home screen with fewer tabs, and new pin colors to make it easier to find places on the map. The tech giant also said it is using artificial intelligence to generate intelligent summaries of locations in Google Maps, such as reviews and user-uploaded photos. It will also use artificial intelligence to enhance the details of food photos, including the specific names of dishes.

Google pushes for more artificial intelligence

In October 2023, the California-based company announced the launch of immersive views for cycling, driving and walking routes, providing detailed journey previews powered by Google artificial intelligence. Users can view realistic 3D simulations of their entire route, helping them prepare for every turn and avoid issues such as traffic jams.

The feature also integrates AI-based weather and traffic prediction analytics. Immersive View initially launched for locations in July 2023 and has now been expanded to routes in cities around the world. The extension displays routes in 3D, as well as augmented reality search capabilities and electric vehicle charging information.

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