A great Xbox Day One game lost its exclusivity today when Grounded hit Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, while the oddly named Harold’s Halibut also hit Microsoft’s subscription service today.

Don’t be put off by the slightly left-field name, though, Harold’s Halibut is a handcrafted narrative game about friendship and life aboard a city-sized spaceship immersed in an alien ocean. It looks stunning.

Using a unique stop-motion aesthetic that’s completely different from the light-hearted puzzle aspects of games we’ve seen before, it will appeal to anyone looking for a slightly less stressful gaming experience than Helldiver 2.

Harold and the rest of his characters are sculpted using traditional model making techniques, giving HH a look that makes you want to see more of it in addition to the engaging storyline. Looks good.

If you’re a fan of wacky adventure games then you’ll definitely want to give this game a try, going back and forth to complete missions can be a bit frustrating, but the claymation style animation takes some of the drudgery away.

You can check out Harold Halibut on Game Pass today, or it’ll be available on Steam in an hour or so.

Harold’s Halibut Features

Harold’s Halibut is different from most anything you’ve played with before, certainly in terms of appearance, but what else is it?

  • UNIQUE STOP-MOTION AESTHETIC: Every element in Harold Halibut is painstakingly handcrafted using traditional sculpting and model-making techniques.
  • Full Voice Acting: All of Fedora’s fantastic inhabitants are brought to life with full English voice acting, elevating the game’s narrative to cinematic proportions.
  • A rich cast of characters: Meet a diverse cast of unique characters and learn about their personalities, quirks, and stories through meaningful conversations.
  • Compelling Cinematic Storyline: Journey through a captivating narrative with a carefully crafted script that blends drama, humor and suspense.

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