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Get these games for free on the Epic Games Store until April 11th

The Epic Games Store is known for its frequent giveaways, and this week’s one is no slouch. Two full-size games are available for free forever: Thief (2014) and The Outer Worlds: Astronauts’ Choice Edition are both free on Epic this week. Don’t delay though, you have until April 11 to claim them.

As the Epic Games Store continues to receive updates and improvements, it is becoming an increasingly realistic competitor to Steam. Now is a great opportunity to start building a library on the platform.

The Outer Worlds: Astronauts’ Choice Edition – Retail price $59.99

“The Outer Worlds” is an action-adventure role-playing game produced by Obsidian. Before “Starfield” came out, it was considered by many to be the best alternative to Bethesda-in-Space. It features Obsidian’s most famous hipster NPCs and a bizarre storyline. On your journey, you can take a series of companions with you, each with their own unique personality and accompanying quests. The story follows a colonist who gets lost on his way to the Emerald Colony. Shoot, bribe, charm or sneak your way through encounters and carve your own path to the heart of the conspiracy. The Outer Worlds is colourful, over-the-top and a lot of fun.

Spacer’s Choice Edition also includes two of the game’s story expansions. Dangerous Gorgon lets players explore Gorgon, which was once a scientific research station and is now a lawless wasteland. Take on a job about a wealthy hermit’s mother and uncover more science projects than you expected.

The Eridanos Murders is a big, spectacular space murder mystery. A famous spokesperson is murdered before a press conference and you need to find out why and how. Take to the skies with the Difference Amplifier, a high-tech clue-finding device, and find the answers you need.

Thief – Retail price $19.99 (currently $2.99 ​​on Steam)

Thief is the latest entry in the genre-defining immersive simulation Thief game series. While Thief itself is more of a stealth action adventure than an immersive simulation, it picks up some elements from its predecessor and focuses on them. Garrett, the thief, remains the main character. It also retains the feeling that all is not quite what it seems and that you are more than just a thief. The city remains a secondary protagonist, full of character and pockets to pick from. Immerse yourself in the coming revolution and profit along the way.

Don’t forget to grab both full games for free on the Epic Games Store before April 11th.

Featured image: Epic Games

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