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Get lifetime VPN protection for just $16

TL;DR: Only through April 7th, get a RealVPN Lifetime Subscription for $16 (regularly $75) with promo code Security 20.

When you browse online, especially in public, you may encounter many potential dangers. Whether you work remotely or in a hybrid situation, as long as you’re not on a private, secure network, you may be at risk of exposing trade secrets or financial data. Hackers and snoopers on public networks can access your private information, which is why using a basic layer of network security like a VPN is crucial.

Luckily, this week only, you can get a lifetime subscription to RealVPN for just $16 with a promo code Security 20.

About RealVPN

RealVPN is an intuitive VPN service that encrypts all your data and internet activity, whether you are using private or public WiFi. It works on your mobile device or any app on your computer, making all your data unreadable to anyone who might try to access your device. Just press a button to turn it on and you can securely access the internet over public WiFi to shop and bank, and enjoy complete anonymity while browsing online.

With RealVPN, you can access multiple VPN servers around the world to find the best connection speed, ensuring your browsing isn’t restricted for security reasons. You’ll find that advertisers won’t be able to serve ads to you, and you can even hide your actual location to enjoy greater anonymity. You can connect up to five devices at once, making RealVPN suitable for small businesses working remotely.

Protect your critical business data.Between April 1 and April 7 at 11:59 PM PT, use a promo code to get a RealVPN lifetime subscription for $59 off, making it just $16 Security 20.

Prices and availability subject to change.

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