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Get final content updates in time for release on PlayStation and Switch

Rooted, the first major “Xbox exclusive” to cross-platform to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, will receive a huge, final content update on launch day.

Grounded – Complete Yolk, version 1.4, will end content development for the game, which initially only appeared as an Early Access demo, and bring no more than 20% of the final game’s content. Since the time of the pandemic, the game has grown into one of the best examples of survival gaming, emulated by many, coupled with a great storyline, and a joy to play.

It’s a sad day that its effective ending was announced just as it arrived on new platforms, but Obsidian has added so much content to the game over the past four years that it’ll still be fun to play for a long time to come Come.

April 16 is the date the update will go live on all platforms, launching simultaneously with PlayStation and Switch.

new games+

If you’ve run out of time in the backyard and think you’ve done all there is to do, the new Game+ mode in the patch will stop you and make you think again.

Once you’ve conquered the Brood Mother, Mantis, and Wasp Queen, and emerged victorious in the Javamatic battle, you’ll have the option to use Wendell’s new Remix.R device to travel to another dimension, where you’ll face “different creature spawns, more Tough Boss, there are many creepy anomalies and hidden secrets in these otherworldly dimensions.”

New weapon upgrades will help you deal with these more powerful enemies, and you’ll be able to level up to become more powerful than before.

ant queen

If you haven’t reached the New Game+ level yet, the major new content in 1.4 brings three new Ant Queens to rule over each of the game’s three colonies.

You’ll face each queen’s crucial decision: befriend her with delicious offerings or betray her. The path you choose determines not only the unique rewards you’ll receive, but also how the entire colony reacts to you. But proceed with caution—some decisions have ripple effects that may not be immediately apparent.

Other new features in Grounded 1.4

  • Consoles can now load saved content in multiplayer sessions, and all connected players will seamlessly transition into the new game world.
  • Full Japanese Voice Acting: Immerse yourself fully in the full Japanese voice acting, covering everything from teen characters to BURG.L, cutscenes and audio logs. Just enable this feature from the game options menu.
  • Update 1.4 adds four new achievements, a new mutation, twelve Ant Queen-related buildings, new little ant pets, and more than we can list here!
  • Cross-platform play is supported on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Grounded’s community of over 20 million players will be excited and a little sad about today’s news, but it’s still great to see Grounded thriving.

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