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GameSir X2s Mobile Controller: Turn your phone into a Switch-like device

GameSir released the X2 a few weeks ago, and it’s certainly generated a lot of interest. X2 upgrades from a few years ago and especially now the new iPhones are equipped with USB-Type C ports, ditching the Apple Lighting port, opening the way to a whole new audience as well as the Android team who already have access to such devices. like this.

That, coupled with a growing interest in mobile gaming and wider offerings like Xbox cloud gaming, could mean there’s a boost for small handheld controllers like this one that you can throw in your bag and grab when you need them. come out. arrive.

GameSir sent us an X2 for review so we didn’t have to pay the £50 asking price, but we’ll get to that later. First, the controller itself.

So, what is GameSir X2s?

Glamor shot of GameSir X2s.Glamor shot of GameSir X2s.
Without any device attached, the X2s is only slightly larger than the iPhone 15 Pro Max

The X2s has a lot going for it, and despite its small appearance, the body can stretch between the buttons to accommodate phones up to 168mm long.

My phone is an iPhone 15 Max Pro, about 160 mm long. Add a few millimeters to the Apple case and I’m approaching the upper limit of my tolerance.

The USB connection is on one side, so positioning my phone and mounting it was a bit of a hassle. The connector moves up and down (intentionally on some kind of rocker mechanism) which is pretty cute, but its movement didn’t make things any easier when I tried to connect.

After plugging in the USB as far as I could, I stretched the other side out to plug my iPhone into it, which was a push. I did accidentally let go before it inserted properly and it snapped shut, but that was my fault. After a few attempts, spring didn’t seem so fierce anymore, or maybe I just stopped being silly, and now contact was a breeze.

Once the connection is secure, the only real indication that things are going as planned is a tiny LED light that lights up, indicating that the unit is drawing power from your phone. There’s no battery here, so using it will drain your phone’s battery.

Thankfully, it does have a USB pass-through connector on the bottom of the controller, so you can always throw a charger or power bank in there while gaming.

How does it feel?

A captivating side shot of the GameSir X2.A captivating side shot of the GameSir X2.

To be fair, gaming with the X2s is a very enjoyable experience. The joysticks are Hall effect switches, which means they have magnets inside them that measure resistance with much greater accuracy and sensitivity than we usually get on such devices. Additionally, they shouldn’t suffer from any of the dreaded stick drift and will be a welcome addition to the next set of Joycons Nintendo launches.

The buttons themselves are very small, and those of us with big fingers might not enjoy fighting games on the X2, but if you want to play racing, shooters, or even platformers, you’ll be well-served here. Just maybe avoid anything with tricky combinations.

In fact, the X2s is only slightly larger than my smartphone, so it’s easy to take with you on the bus or train when you might want to play some games. The controller is responsive and doesn’t look like a big battery hog. It does work, I was looking for some sign that it was even connected and working, but once I loaded the game everything was seamless.

It has a retro feel like the old Nintendo handhelds, but the gray and lavender color scheme may not appeal to everyone. We think it still looks great. Its biggest selling point is definitely the joystick, which even comes with rubber caps (as well as a spare kit) to make it more grippy.

in conclusion

Glamor shot of GameSir X2s.Glamor shot of GameSir X2s.
The iPhone 15 Pro Max pushes the X2s to its upper limit.

At £50, this isn’t a one-off purchase for casual mobile gamers to see if they like it. You’re paying for a very neat little tech package, but you’ll have to be in the market for a good mobile controller.

That being said, others like the Razer are much more expensive, but you can still get a legitimate Xbox controller for less, although it doesn’t offer the same handheld convenience.

If you want to join the handheld gaming craze and don’t want to spend a fortune on a Switch, ROG Ally or Steam Deck, but want to take advantage of that powerful computer you carry with you every day, the X2s won’t let you down. Playing the game console-style is a huge improvement over touchscreen controls, and if you buy this game, it’s unlikely you won’t quickly fall in love with it.

It just depends on what games you play and how often you play them. You can order the X2 directly from the GameSir website.

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