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Gamers watch 25% more streaming TV than non-gamers Samsung Advertising

According to a new report from Samsung Advertising, gamers spend 25% more time watching streaming TV than non-gamers.

The research, presented at IAB PlayFronts, found that gamers are open to advertising and are constantly switching between playing games and watching streaming entertainment.

Samsung Advertising shared its “Engaging Gamers” report with an audience at the IAB’s annual PlayFronts event in New York City.

The report, which aims to understand how to reach a large and highly desirable community, found that gamers are addicted to CTV (connected television), with only 27% of gamers watching 77% of linear time. Not surprisingly, they watch content via FAST (Free Ad-Supported Television) platforms such as Samsung TV Plus at a 25% higher rate than non-gamers.

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The survey results not only show how gamers consume content, but also how often. More than 65% of respondents said they frequently switch between playing games and streaming entertainment content within an hour. They spend an average of nearly two hours a day watching streaming content, with 92% consuming games and entertainment on the same day. Additionally, more than a third (36%) of console gamers surveyed spread their time across multiple games, playing two to three games in a week, while 64% only play one game in a week.

Samsung Advertising has a report on gaming and entertainment.
Samsung Advertising has a report on gaming and entertainment.

“We wanted to better understand how gamers spend their time, what they consider intrusive, and what they consider communicative,” Justin Fromm, head of advertising insights at Samsung, said in a statement and relevant advertising.” “We know gamers are passionate about gaming, but this research supports the notion that they are also passionate about entertainment content and are leaving behind the outdated linear TV model. What these numbers tell us is, Advertisers must leverage CTV to reach gamers and create meaningful and organic connections with them.”

In conjunction with the “Engaging Gamers” study, Samsung conducted a poll of Samsung Smart TV users who identify as gamers to understand their attitudes toward cloud gaming services and their interest in ad-supported models. More than two-thirds said they would be willing to accept ad-supported gaming services, with nearly 40% of respondents willing to accept free or discounted cloud gaming services that display ads to offset the cost of gaming.

More than half (51%) of Samsung Smart TV owners surveyed said they primarily play games on their smartphones or tablets, with 76% saying they take their games with them everywhere, starting them on one device and then playing them on another. continues on a device, providing brands with additional touch points to connect with consumers in a customized way.

Samsung Advertising continuously develops and brings products to market that enable clients to reach consumers in meaningful, measurable and innovative ways. Understanding how gamers consume content inside and outside the home, on what devices, and what matters to them will continue to be an area of ​​research.

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