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Full line-up of side events for the early stages of 2024 TC

Super founders and funders of AI Group and Mixer, including VC-backed founders and VCs

Hosted by: Supermomos and the Harvard Business School Artificial Intelligence Club
time: April 22, 6pm to 8pm
describe: In honor of TechCrunch Week, join us for an intimate evening with founders and funders at the AI ​​Panel and Mixer, featuring venture-backed founders and VCs! We will feature venture-backed founders and venture capitalists on the panel. There will be time for socializing and networking, and drinks and food will be provided. The event is open to founders, venture capitalists, and operators working full-time in the AI ​​ML space, as well as a select group of students from the Harvard Business School Artificial Intelligence Club.


Build a world of entrepreneurial joy

Hosted by: Suffolk Technology and TriNet
time: April 23, 430-630 pm
describe: Calling all innovators shaping the built environment! Find the next step in your entrepreneurial journey with Suffolk Technologies + TriNet at our exclusive rooftop happy hour! Learn more about Suffolk Technologies’ BOOST accelerator program and TriNet’s HR solutions for startups. Take in stunning views of the Boston skyline, including iconic Suffolk landmarks such as Raffles, One Dalton and the BU Data Science Center. Enjoy refreshing beverages, appetizers, and ignite connections that can redefine the future of the built environment.

Take a journey through the history of the founders with SVB!

Hosted by: Silicon Valley Bank
time: April 24, 1 to 3 p.m.
describe: Join SVB for an interactive, non-traditional dive into Boston’s (and America’s) rich history; built on a foundation of innovation, perseverance, resilience, and free will. Hosted by SVB Boston’s Director of Startup Banking (who also happens to be a Revolutionary War reenactor), the tour will begin with a cup of Joda at the oldest restaurant in the country, then continue through downtown to most of the historic attractions; The End is the only place in the world where you can drink Sam Adams and watch Sam Adams at the same time. So come enjoy our historic city before TechCrunch’s early days and join other founders in following in the footsteps of our country’s early founders.

early roundtable

Hosted by: 9point8 Collective and Orrick
time: April 24, 4pm to 6:30pm
describe: Join 9point8 Collective and Orrick for a roundtable focused on accelerating early-stage startups. Attendees will hear from serial entrepreneurs and investors on all aspects of startup success, including going public, managing capital sheets, growing and scaling, and managing exits. Roundtables will be combined with audience Q&A and panel participation as well as a main panel discussion.

Startup Launchcode Founders Workshop

Hosted by: Start startup code
time: April 24, 5pm to 6:30pm
describe: The Startup Launchcode Founders Workshop is an interactive session designed to provide early-stage founders with strategies, tools, and frameworks for building great startups.


Founders’ happy hour with Vouch, Remofirst and SVB

Hosted by: Vouch, Remofirst and SVB
time: April 24, 6pm to 9pm
describe: If you’re in town for a TechCrunch Early Stage event or are looking for a place to network with others in the startup space, join us for a happy hour hosted by Vouch, Remofirst and SVB at Black Lamb – just 10 minutes from the conference center Minutes walk to center! Please RSVP now to secure your spot at this exclusive networking event. See you soon 🥂

Disrupt your chaotic startup life with productivity innovation – Networking Reception

time: April 24, 630pm to 830pm
describe: Attend SiloClick’s private social reception on Wednesday, April 24th. This event is not only a warm-up to TechCrunch’s early conferences, but also a transformative opportunity to more effectively guide your entrepreneurial journey. Enjoy food, drinks, and fun conversations in a community of startup founders. We welcome startup founders looking for innovative solutions to stay healthy while achieving their sweet spot for productivity at key moments throughout their entrepreneurial journey. We also warmly invite investors interested in the future of work and productivity spaces, as well as industry peers working to improve productivity and health in the workplace!

Onshape’s Startup Happy Hour

Hosted by: Onshape (PTC Company)
time: April 24, 6:30pm to 9pm
describe: Come join us for TechCrunch Early Stage 2024 week at PTC headquarters for an exciting time of fun for founders! Immerse yourself in Boston’s vibrant entrepreneurial community and connect with local hardware experts and innovative product designers. The event is organized for professionals looking to expand their networks, as well as venture capital firms and accelerator spaces exploring collaboration opportunities. Join us for an evening dedicated to insightful conversations, new ideas, and nurturing creative community.

Accessible Technology and Innovation

Hosted by: Verizon
time: April 25, 5pm to 7pm
describe: At Verizon, we’re committed to moving the world forward through diversity, equity and inclusion. On April 25, at our Boston Innovation Lab, we invite and hear from people interested in emerging technologies that help us achieve our mission. We’ll be inviting our Accessibility Director and several startups to pitch their ideas and would love to hear yours. Together, we can do more – we can unlock opportunity for everyone!


Women in Tech Meetup: Fundraising and Growth Powered by Techstars

Hosted by: Women in Technology – a global movement
April 25, 5:30pm to 8pm
describe: Join us at the Women in Tech Meetup – an incredible gathering of women in technology, female founders, entrepreneurs, community builders, and other professionals! Enjoy free drinks and snacks, engage in conversation, make connections, and a beautiful venue. Additionally, we will host a panel discussion discussing fundraising, venture capital, the challenges founders face in building successful companies, and strategies for overcoming these challenges.

Early Deep Tech Happy Hour

Hosted by: Avery Company
time: April 25, 530pm to 830pm
describe: TechCrunch After Early Stage, join AlleyCorp, Anzu Partners, Argon VC, Aurelia Foundry, Converge Ventures, Cybernetix Ventures, First Star Ventures, Glasswing Ventures, Hyperplane Ventures and SkyRiver Ventures to work with deep tech founders, operators and investors to spend happy time together. Special thanks to J.P. Morgan. The party will kick off on April 25 at 5:30 pm, following the TechCrunch 2024 Early Stage event. This event is for ages 21+.

is it safe?

Hosted by: corpus
time: April 26, 10 a.m. to 1130 a.m.
describe: Safe deposit boxes are the most popular early-stage financing vehicle today. They are so easy to use that they seem like a no-brainer for founders. But…are they really as founder-friendly as you think? Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let’s talk about some of the lesser-known dangers of safe deposit boxes that are often only realized by founders until it’s too late.

Prepare for angel group and seed investor due diligence

Hosted by: Launchpad Entrepreneurship Group
time: April 26, 1pm to 3pm
describe: Here’s an in-depth workshop for founders to learn when raising funding from angel groups and other seed investors:

– What is involved in due diligence?
– Areas of due diligence and what investors are looking for in each case
– How to prepare and what documents and artifacts are required for each area


business women

Hosted by: The Dinner Table and Northeastern University
time: April 26, 6pm to 9pm
describe: Get ready for an extraordinary evening at Northeastern University at our Women in Business networking event, a cornerstone of our partnership with This is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of female entrepreneurship designed to inspire, connect and inspire.

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