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Fortnite update 29.20 released – will there be more downtime?

Fortnite update 29.20 is officially released today, just two weeks after the last version 29.10, with new skins and announcements coming.

Downtime for patch 29.20 began at 4 a.m. ET, and the patch was reportedly completed roughly two hours later, at 5:43 a.m. ET, via a post on the Fortnite Status account sharing service updates .

Matches are stopped 30 minutes early to allow players to finish before breaks begin.

Minutes after the downtime ended, the team said they had fixed a number of issues as part of today’s update. These include fixing a bug that allowed players to fly indefinitely using the Wings of Icarus.

“Fixed the issue where players at level 200 of the Battle Pass were unable to receive Titan Flame Hades.

“Fixed a bug where hair was inadvertently visible through the hats and helmets of certain costumes.”

While these were successfully sequenced and the downtime was short compared to other releases that typically experience four hours of downtime, the team said they are working to resolve the issue.

As this continues, only party leaders can select and adjust playlists within political parties. Fortnite says it will notify fans when the issue is resolved.

“Fortnite” 29.20 update content

Version 29.20 brings updates to the Patchwork tool and Instrument Player, and provides players with new ways to customize Grind Rail and Grind Vine equipment.

It’s also now possible to search for specific creators in Discover, as well as multiple updates to new prefabs, galleries, and other equipment.

One of the most notable is the addition of a dual-stick setup to the Orientation Device options for third-person controls. Using this feature, players on the island can control their character’s rotation using the right stick or mouse cursor.

When using a controller, the character will rotate to face the direction the player’s right stick is pointing. When using the mouse cursor, the character will rotate to face the position of the cursor on the screen.

Grind Rail and Grind Vine equipment also bring many new options. You can now change the player’s speed and acceleration using vines, and there’s a speed preset tool in Grind Rail.

In Fortnite Patchwork, you can now use tooltips and zoom to help you better view your patchwork equipment when sequencing melodies or fine-tuning sounds.

Featured Image: Epic Games

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