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Fortnite leaks reveal big upcoming changes you’ll love or hate

Epic Games and Fortnite will be making some fundamental changes to how the game works in the coming weeks, according to big Fortnite leaker HypeX.

The changes will revolve around the game’s user interface, which Epic Games has been rumored to have been working on for quite some time, as the game has changed dramatically, even in the last year.

The addition of new modes and games like LEGO Fortnite and Fortnite Festival means that getting around the ever-evolving Fortnite universe may require a fresh coat of paint, and that appears to be about to happen.

in a Post on X HypeX leaked a screenshot showing what they describe as an “upcoming UI update – “new nameplate and social push”

The most interesting part of this new bar, which you can see in the image above, is that it looks like it will show your friends their status and the game they’re playing – presumably within the Fortnite ecosystem. This way, you can see if one of your friends is playing Lego Fortnite, Star Wars, or even Rocket Racer.

It also suggests there might be a way to get profile pictures inbound, otherwise, the icons would look a bit the same.

Could this be the start of a way to easily switch between games for parties?

Life and history tell us that there will certainly be complaints about this change. Remember when they changed the Coca-Cola formula? While these changes are small in the grand scheme of things, they fundamentally alter the way we’ve trained ourselves to view Fortnite, and they could be part of larger but necessary changes to come.

There’s no indication of when these changes might be rolled back, or even how close they are to completion. We’ll be watching closely and following up as we hear more.

Featured Image: Courtesy of HypeX

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