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Fortnite disables Earthbending in Avatar crossover event

Fortnite launched a major crossover event with Avatar: The Last Airbender, but the newly launched Earthbender Myth items were disabled soon after launch.

The newest mythical items in the game allow players to wield the elements of fire, water, air, and earth. However, it has been reported that the Earthbending item has been withdrawn due to its ineffectiveness in combat. Players have noticed that even when directly attacking an opponent with a car-sized boulder, the Earthbend attack does negligible damage, or no damage at all.

Another fan pointed out that the problem is that Earthbend is able to hit opponents through constructed walls.

Another bug discovered was that Earth projectiles were unable to aim accurately, and more advanced versions of the Earth-bending ability would destroy player-built structures on contact.

Twitter user Shanyshdw highlighted potential issues with Earthbending in a video demonstrating that mythic abilities can hit opponents through building walls if used correctly. In the video, Shanyshdw gets into a fight with another player, who quickly builds a five-story building as a defense — a classic Fortnite tactic.

Instead of demolishing the building, Shanyshdw presses against the wall and uses earthbending to lift a rock from within the opponent’s building, hitting and instantly killing them while also causing the surrounding structures to collapse. While such a strategy might be perfectly reasonable for the Earthlanders in the TV series, in a video game it seems a bit over the top, where building protective barriers is an essential component.

What are the physical elements?

According to Fortnite, these elemental abilities work as follows:

  • Waterbending: Players can snub their opponents by throwing sharp, icy projectiles. Adding this technology to the inventory will steadily restore the player’s health to 100 while in water.
  • The earth bends: Summons clods of earth to hurl at enemies or use them to build defensive barriers.
  • firebending: Generate flames, sending arcs of fire at enemies, or violently exploding from above.
  • Airbending: Gamers can use the surrounding air to enhance their mobility. They can use “Chakra” to travel long distances, or “Air Jump” to launch themselves and nearby players into the air.

Why did Epic Games remove Earthbending from Fortnite’s Avatar?

Epic Games may have made improvements to Mythic items to improve their gameplay and improve the feel for players using it. It’s unlikely that Earthbending will be removed for a long time, just like Wings of Icarus won’t stop running until May 3rd, especially considering that the Avatar collaboration is just starting to ramp up. More likely, we’re just waiting for Epic to fix any issues that arise.

Fortnite Avatar: Elements Chakra Quest will end on May 3rd, giving players plenty of time to experience the event and explore different myth-bending scrolls.

Featured Image: Epic Games/Canva

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