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Fitbit Ace LTE launches smartwatch for kids

Fitbit is hoping to break into the market for wearable trackers for kids with its Ace LTE, a location-tracking smartwatch that incorporates activity gamification features.

The device comes with a series of mini-video games that kids can play for a limited amount of time and then are told to unlock more play time by hitting certain activity goals. The games are built specifically for the Ace LTE and incorporate features like the accelerometer into the games.

Young people can also play eejie, a Tamagotchi-like game built into the watch. By achieving daily activity goals, users can nourish eejie and also earn tickets to customize the critter. Further customization of eejie can be unlocked by purchasing watch straps – the Ace LTE will initially have six collectible straps, but more will be released.

The device is controlled by the Fitbit Ace app, and parents can add trusted contacts and track their child’s location. Only trusted contacts can communicate with the device. The Fitbit ACE LTE also has a battery life of up to 16 hours.

Fitbit Ace LTE is designed for kids

The Ace LTE is designed with kids in mind: in previews, it looks bright and colorful, and instead of simple activity tracking rings, it uses “noodles,” which are more visually appealing than the adult version of the Fitbit.

It also has a rubber bumper that fits around the screen, increasing its durability and protecting it from knocks and bumps.

According to a press release from Google (which owns Fitbit), the device was developed in collaboration with “independent experts in child psychology, public health, privacy, and digital wellbeing” and uses a new movement-tracking algorithm that’s better suited to the various types of movement children exhibit.

It also focuses on privacy, with location data deleted after 24 hours and activity data deleted after 35 days. There won’t be any ads or third-party apps on the device, just games and apps added through Fitbit Arcade, where they plan to release new games frequently.

The device will be available on June 5th for pre-order at $229.95. Collector’s Bands will cost $35 each. Additionally, to use location tracking, calling and messaging features, you need a Fitbit Ace Data Pass, which costs $9.99 per month. You can also pay for a year in advance for $119.99 and get a collector’s band for free. Anyone who purchases an annual subscription before August 31st will receive a 50% discount.

Earlier this year, Fitbit came under fire from users who claimed a recent update had rendered their devices “useless.”

Featured Image: Fitbit

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