The hugely popular Farming Simulator has sold over 30 million copies since it first launched in 2008, but we haven’t had a mainstream Farming Simulator since the 22nd generation version came out a few years ago. Many other farming games have appeared (such as Stardew Valley and Lightyear Frontier), but none have taken the art of farming quite so seriously.

But don’t worry, with new equipment and DLC coming all the time, the world is waiting to see if we’ll finally get Farming Simulator 25.

Until then, virtual farmers only have to wait until April 30 to get their hands on all the new gear, as the Farm Production Pack will be released, bringing a whole new way to manage your farm.

Publisher Giants Software’s new plug-in will bring sustainability to your farm, improving economics and daily needs, while also being able to clean crops and increase yields.

Additionally, there is a new distribution center for all agricultural entrepreneurs. Now you can have a 4,000 square meter distribution center equipped with heavy-duty racking.

Operating a forklift safely, you manage the distribution of pallets arriving at the unloading station and need to apply clever logistics to meet dynamic market demands. Additionally, it is possible to have several customizable sheds and silos for storage of bulk materials, vehicles and tools, as well as a vehicle repair shop with garage.

The new park contains more than 20 new items, including selling points, production equipment, storage sheds and more, which will open up a new income avenue for your farm and bring more strategies.

New farm equipment further increases the harvest and the resources you can access: The Lely Sphere is a circulating manure treatment system that, when placed next to an animal shed and combined with sulfuric acid, can use the ammonia emitted to create liquid fertilizer. VDW’s Cleaner Tiger separates the beets from the stones before scrubbing and cutting them, and the cleaning drum produces a cleaned crop that can be sold at a higher price.

The farm production package is developed by Design, Modeling & Innovation (DMI) and published by GIANTS Software, and is scheduled to be released on April 30. Farming Simulator 22 is available for PC, Mac, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

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