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Fallout 76’s Skyline Valley update expands map, releases in June

Fallout 76’s next update, Skyline Valley, will launch in June and will offer a large map update, new shelters, and new types of enemies.

Even in the three-minute video posted to the Vault, which is completely occupied and run by ghouls.

For those unaware, ghouls are humans (or their descendants) who survived the radioactive hazards of the story’s original nuclear disaster, but mutated into a rather grim state. In Fallout 76: Skyrim, the residents of Vault 63 are actually electrified ghouls known as “Lost Ones.” Some people can be friends and some people can be enemies. In the Amazon TV series, Walton Goggins is a main character named Cooper Howard, who is a ghoul.

Thursday’s announcement mentioned that Fallout 76 will continue to roll out content to all players “regardless of level,” seemingly acknowledging the growing interest in the game since Amazon Prime Video’s Fallout TV series launched on April 10. interest.

The TV show is credited with causing a spike in player numbers for Fallout 76 and Fallout 4, and has even been blamed for causing traffic issues for the popular modding site NexusMods.

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