At the upcoming TechCrunch Early Stage 2024 event in Boston on April 25, one session will stand out for early-stage companies looking to navigate the turbulent waters of technology and staffing strategies. The session, titled “How to evolve your technology and workforce strategies in future rounds,” will be moderated by Brad Stanton, Managing Director of Business Development at Sand Technologies. With extensive experience in consulting and software development at global giants such as Dell and Accenture, Stanton will delve into the complexities of becoming an operational unicorn rather than just a commercial unicorn, even in the face of resource constraints.

Stanton’s insights are designed to help startups address changing technology and people needs as they grow. Attendees will discover practical and impactful strategies to close skills gaps, optimize small team productivity, and maintain the agility needed to quickly adapt to changing markets and investor expectations. With more than 25 years of experience leading high-performing teams in a variety of sectors, Stanton will provide actionable advice to companies struggling to grow amid uncertainty.

Headquartered in Texas, Stanton specializes in helping companies leverage artificial intelligence talent and solutions in regions as diverse as India, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa and the United States. His presentation at TechCrunch Early Stage 2024 will provide valuable guidance to startups aiming to chart a course for sustainable growth and success in an ever-changing environment.

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