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Elon Musk’s X lawsuit against CCDH dismissed by judge, calling it ‘frivolous’

A San Francisco district judge issued a scathing response to Elon Musk’s X Corp, dismissing a lawsuit against a campaign group over online hate speech.

The case was dismissed under the state’s anti-Slap law, which negates legal action condemning free speech.

Slaap is the abbreviation for Strategic Litigation for Public Participation.

U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer in San Francisco granted a dismissal request from the Center to Combat Digital Hate (CCDH), which compiled an extensive report on the number of people on X (formerly Twitter) since Musk took office. The rapid proliferation of racist, anti-Semitic and extremist content. Take over social media platforms.

The ruling came as no surprise after Breyer called aspects of Musk’s case “one of the most boring stretches of law I’ve ever heard” during a preliminary hearing last month.

Then today another firm decision was made.

“It is sometimes unclear what motivates a lawsuit, and it is only by reading between the lines of the complaint that one can attempt to surmise the plaintiff’s true purpose,” the U.S. District Judge said.

“Other times, complaints about a matter are so unabashed and loud that there is no doubt about its purpose. This case represents the latter situation. This case is about punishing the defendant for his speech.”

An embarrassing rebuke to Musk and X

The judge’s findings will be seen by some as an embarrassing rebuke to the Tesla, Neuralink billionaire, given that Musk has positioned his Platform

He took legal action against CCDH last year, accusing the organization of “deliberately unlawfully obtaining data” by scraping the platform’s posts to form reports. The anti-hate lobby has defended its approach to collecting public data and insisted the charges are “riddled with legal flaws,” noting that the real purpose of the lawsuit is to block speech critical of Musk and his interests.

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