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Elon Musk’s X is facing declining daily active users, report finds

Analysts say X’s daily user count is declining, more than a year after Elon Musk acquired the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

A lot has changed for the social network since the rebrand. To achieve his ambition of providing apps for everything, Musk played a major role in the arrival of the subscription service, including changes to the verification system. Audio calling is already available, and the Tesla billionaire’s Grok AI tool is now available to premium users.

NBC News outlined the findings from two research firms as well as X’s report on subscriber numbers. The former provided a detailed breakdown of the declining numbers, but the social media giant responded with optimism, suggesting an uptick in results.

Research from San Francisco-based market intelligence firm Sensor Tower found that X’s mobile app had 27 million daily active users in the United States as of February, down 18% from the previous 12 months.

It shows that the number of U.S. users has been flat or declining every month since November 2022, Musk’s first full month at the helm. Over the course of his entire hosting period, which ended in February, Sensor Towers’ user levels dropped 23%.

Sensor Tower said that from a global perspective, the overall situation is equally bad, with daily active users of mobile applications falling to 174 million in February, down 15% from the same period last year.

X responds to reports of declining daily user count

Abe Yousef, the company’s senior insights analyst, provided further insight into the research report.

In contrast, rival social media platforms reported slight growth in their global user bases over the same period, with Snapchat up 8.8%, Instagram up 5.3%, Facebook share up 1.5%, and TikTok up 0.5% in nominal terms.

All of the above apps have seen declines in U.S. user numbers, but not to the extent of X’s steep decline.

Yousef said it “had the largest decline in active users compared to its peers,” adding, “The decline in active users of the threaten”. – Form a video platform. “

In an effort to defend his credibility, X published a provocative post on Monday casting doubt on the data provided by Sensor Tower. The company claims that the global user base is higher than the estimated 250 million people using the service every day.

Elon Musk said when he acquired Twitter in 2022 that Twitter had about 258 million “monetizable daily active users,” reflecting the company’s metrics at the time.

Another key finding from Sensor Tower is that since October 2022, 75 of the top 100 advertisers in the United States have left X, shifting spend elsewhere. Late last year, Musk was accused of blackmail after he told advertisers to “fuck you” at a conference in New York after he fell into an anti-Semitic rage.

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