Elon Musk shares on his support for investors.

This morning (April 3), Musk posted online that Peltz, CEO of Trian Fund Management, “should definitely join the Disney board!

“He will reform the company, improve product quality and generally serve the best interests of shareholders, as he has done at many other companies.

“This will significantly increase Disney’s stock price.”

He then went on to say that if Peltz was elected, he would buy stock in the major entertainment conglomerate, citing his “outstanding” track record.

Musk’s comments come as results of a shareholder vote to elect board members are expected to be announced later today. Sources told Reuters that Disney had secured enough votes to safely defeat Peltz.

Back in October, when the race for the new seat first became public, both Terrian and Blackwells agreed the board needed fresh blood.

This isn’t the first time Tesla’s CEO has publicly criticized Disney. In November, Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger said the company would no longer advertise on X because of Musk’s endorsement of an anti-Semitic tweet. Other advertisers have also left the site, including companies like Apple, IBM and Coca-Cola.

Elon Musk criticizes Disney and Bob Iger

After that moment, Musk issued an expletive-laden statement to advertisers who were leaving the platform, saying: “If anyone tries to blackmail me with ads, blackmail me with money, just get out.”

You followed him a few times, and at one point he added the words “Hey, Bob.”

In December, he again called Disney content “unwatchable” on X: “Disney has a major content problem. Almost their entire upcoming slate is unwatchable.

“They are the biggest example of “woke and bankrupt” in the world, haha. “

He even included the brand in his April Fools’ Day joke on Monday.

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