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Elegoo launches new Saturn 4 Ultra and Saturn 4 resin 3D printers

Whether in the field of FDM or resin, 3D printer technology continues to develop rapidly. One of the main ways Star Trek replicators become more powerful is through speed. Today, the time it takes to print a model is much faster than ever before, and companies are constantly trying to make things faster.

Of course, with increased speeds comes the risk of failed prints, so new technologies will certainly be adopted as the journey continues.

Elegoo has been in the resin printing scene for a few years now, we recently looked at its Neptune 4 Max, and its Saturn and Mars resin machines have proven to be very reliable and popular. Uniformation may have come along and stolen the show with its GKTwo, but that machine costs more than twice as much as the new V4 models Elegoo launched today, the Saturn and Saturn Ultra.

The Ultra is clearly the larger of the two models, while the base Saturn with its green flip-top is a definite nod to the aforementioned GKTwo.

The Ultra also has a flip cover (finally more and more companies seem to be focusing on this simple but must-have feature), and it comes in a smoky gray color that looks very nice indeed. It also features Elegoo’s new tilt-release technology, which both speeds up speed and reduces the suction effect caused by the model sticking to the bottom of the barrel and being pulled upward by the print platform as it travels. here. The piston tilts the cylinder slightly at the end of the layer, which helps release the print from the FEP.

Pre-orders for both machines have just begun, with shipping expected in June/July. The Saturn 4 is priced at $319, while the larger Saturn 4 Ultra model is $449, which seems entirely reasonable considering you get AI security cameras and the new Tilt Release.

Saturn 4 new features

Saturn 4

  • 10-inch 12K monochrome LCD screen
  • COB+Fresnel collimating lens
  • Automatic leveling and smart mechanical sensors
  • User-friendly construction and advanced cooling system
  • Large print size 218.88×122.88×220 mm³

Saturn 4 Super

  • Innovative tilt release technology
  • 10-inch 12K monochrome LCD screen
  • COB+Fresnel collimating lens
  • Automatic leveling and smart mechanical sensors
  • AI intelligent monitoring & power outage resume printing

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