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eBay adds AI-powered “Buy Looks” feature to its iOS app

eBay on Tuesday launched a new artificial intelligence-generated feature to appeal to fashion lovers: The “Buy Looks” section in its iOS mobile app will recommend a carousel of images and ideas based on a customer’s shopping history. The company said its recommendations will be personalized to the end user and will evolve as customers shop more. The idea is to introduce how other fashion pieces can complement their current wardrobe.

To this end, Shop the Look will include interactive hotspots that, when clicked, will display similar items and outfit inspiration, with the final look including second-hand and luxury goods that match the user’s personal style. eBay noted that the feature is powered by and was developed in partnership with the company’s Responsible AI team and RAI principles.

Image Source: eBay

The company notes that “Shop the Look” will appear for any eBay shopper who has viewed at least 10 fashion items in the past 180 days. It will appear on both the eBay homepage and the fashion landing page.

For eBay, the new additions offer a way to showcase its extensive for-sale inventory in a different way than before and, if successful, could encourage more sales. eBay said it plans to explore expansion into other categories over time and will continue to add more personalization elements to the feature in the new year.

eBay isn’t the only company exploring how artificial intelligence can improve the fashion shopping experience. For example, Google last summer launched a way for consumers to virtually try on clothes using a new AI shopping feature. Amazon also uses artificial intelligence to help customers find the right clothes when shopping online. In these cases, the AI ​​feature is designed to help customers find the right style or size, while eBay’s new feature is more focused on fashion inspiration, i.e. finding the right fit. This can be harder to do given that personal style is subjective.

“Shop the Look” will initially launch on iOS in the US and UK, with support for Android launching later this year.

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