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EA’s next Battlefield game will be developed by “the largest team in series history”

This week, EA released its latest financial results during its quarterly earnings call, where CEO Andrew Wilson said the next Battlefield game will be developed by “the largest team in the history of the series.”

Wilson appeared to acknowledge Battlefield 2042’s lukewarm reception, saying “players have made it clear they want a deeper experience,” according to Yahoo call transcripts.

He also reiterated the company’s commitment to the live streaming service model, after a survey earlier this year showed that 70% of developers surveyed were concerned about the sustainability of live streaming service games.

The next Battlefield game will have an “online” single-player mode, but Wilson didn’t elaborate on what that would entail.

Earlier this year, EA canceled plans for a single-player Star Wars game being developed by Respawn Entertainment in a round of 670 layoffs. They also announced plans to increase the price of their subscription service, EA Play.

How about The Sims series?

One of EA’s biggest game series is The Sims, currently starring The Sims 4. According to Wilson, the life simulation series will launch 12 new content packs over the next year. The Sims 4 isn’t a traditional live-service game that requires a subscription, but it has 79 expansion packs, game packs, bundles, and a variety of other paid add-ons that work like a game and can make a lot of money.

Wilson said that in addition to the 12 planned releases, EA’s The Sims 4 team is “committed to developing multiple experiences within the Sims universe that leverage user-generated content to deepen our community and expand our audience.” group.[…]

“Enthusiasm for The Sims Community remains strong as the series approaches its 25th anniversary. Since its launch in 2014, The Sims 4 has surpassed 85 million players, growing twofold year-over-year in fiscal 2024. digits. The Sims Online and The Sims Mobile have been downloaded more than 500 million times combined. This is already one of the largest communities in the world, and we believe this highly successful series has the potential to become the largest in entertainment. One of the creator platforms.”

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