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Early Bitcoin Miner Moves 50 BTC After Years of Inactivity

An early Bitcoin (BTC) miner moved a large amount of Bitcoin after years of inactivity. The data shows that as of Monday, the miner moved 50 BTC (worth more than $3 million) to two wallets during the Asian morning session. Some of those bitcoins were reportedly then sent to cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Analysis by crypto analytics firm Lookonchain.

50 Bitcoins in the “Satoshi Era”

In April 2010, a few months after the Bitcoin network went live, miners received 50 Bitcoins as a reward. At the time, the token was worth just a few dollars. The period during which Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto was active in online forums is often referred to as the “Satoshi Era.”

There is relatively little Bitcoin movement in wallets associated with this early era. However, some such wallets have shown activity since early 2023. In July, a wallet that has been dormant for 11 years $30 million worth of Bitcoin transferred to other wallets.

Likewise, in August, another wallet Transfer 1,005 BTC to new address. In December, more than 1,000 Bitcoins from early miners were also transferred to trading desks and custody services after 13 years of dormancy.

The reactivation of these long-dormant wallets associated with the Satoshi Nakamoto era is of concern to the cryptocurrency community, as such movements can provide insights into the behavior and holdings of Bitcoin’s earliest users. The transfer of 50 Bitcoins from an early miner’s wallet that had been dormant for more than 14 years was a significant event in the history of cryptocurrencies.

These “Satoshi Era” Bitcoins were mined shortly after the launch of the Bitcoin network, when the coins were worth just a few dollars and are considered one of the oldest and most valuable assets in the Bitcoin ecosystem. The reactivation of this long-dormant wallet associated with Bitcoin’s early days is closely watched as it could provide insights into the behavior and investment strategies of the cryptocurrency pioneer’s users.

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