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EA Play Price Increase – Land Added to All Levels Starting Next Month

Electronic Arts subscription service EA Play will increase prices starting in mid-May and will display a notification box on the EA Play client informing users that the price increase will occur during the first billing cycle “on or after May 10.” .

EA Play has two tiers, one is the Basic tier and the other is the Pro tier which contains the latest EA games released, but is slightly confusing as this is not available on consoles. This means that the latest EA Sports games, such as Madden and EAFC, are not included for console owners, but are included on PC. Are you still with us?

Additionally, the base EA Play package is part of an Xbox Game Pass subscription, so you don’t need that package if you already have Game Pass. However, the cheaper tiers only offer older games, although new games will come to basic EA Play around six months after release, meaning it’s pretty good value if you can wait for the game.

However, regardless, prices are increasing for both tiers, including the monthly and yearly versions, with price increases as follows.

EA Play Price Increase NoticeEA Play Price Increase Notice

Electronic Arts Games

per month
Increased from $4.99/£3.99 per month to $5.99/£5.99 per month,
$29.99/£19.99 increased to $39.99/£35.99

EA Play Pro

per month
$14.99/£14.99 increased to $16.99/£16.99
$99.99/£89.99 increased to $119.99/£109.99

These price increases clearly show that UK prices have been hit harder than the USD versions, with the standard level annual version rising by around 80% and the EA Play Pro annual version rising by more than 20%. According to, EA believes these prices are meant to reflect changes in currency values ​​and bring them in line with market values.

The total monthly cost for a Game Pass/PSN account, EA Play Pro, and Ubisoft+ subscription is about $60 per month, not including content like Netflix and Disney+. Which has also raised prices in recent months.

It seems like another unpalatable option is having to pay $130 for a subscription to a game like Star Wars: Desperados, which is probably what the industry is pushing players to do in the hope that most people will be ready for the big game when it launches You won’t simply subscribe, leave and resubscribe. come out. But they probably know that most people simply won’t do that.

Hopefully this new and improved revenue stream will help big publishers not have to make so many layoffs in the coming months…ah, the sweet sound of disturbing silence.

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