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Disney+ to take action on password sharing starting in June

Disney has vowed to crack down on password sharing on its Disney+ streaming service in a bid to increase subscriber numbers and bring profits to the business.

Walt Disney Group CEO Bob Iger outlined some changes that will take effect in certain jurisdictions in June, with login credentials being implemented more broadly by September.

In an interview with CNBC, Iger paid tribute to rival Netflix after the company implemented similar restrictions on password sharing, leading to a surge of 100,000 new accounts two days after the crackdown was implemented.

He said: “Netflix is ​​the gold standard in streaming. They have done a great job in many different directions. In fact, I have great, great respect for what they have accomplished. If we can accomplish what they have accomplished ,It would be great.”

A day after Disney investors regained confidence in him and his fellow company directors amid a proxy battle with activist investors, including Nelson Peltz, who was dissatisfied with the streaming service’s results, the CEO said The remarks were made the next day.

Iger acknowledged the concerns while stressing that the streaming industry needs to consolidate and that Disney is ready to take action to “eventually” achieve double-digit profit margins.

In response, Peltz gave a follow-up interview to CNBC immediately after the Disney CEO said he would step aside as long as Iger and the board deliver on their promises.

“If they did that, they wouldn’t hear from me again,” Peltz said.

Comments on Disney’s previous actions on password sharing

Action on crypto has been expected for some time, ever since comments were made during an earnings call with investors last year.

At the time, Disney had an opportunity to realize gains by delivering on Iger’s promise, and Iger hinted, “We’ve certainly made this a real priority.”

“We actually think there’s an opportunity here to help grow our business,” he said on the third-quarter earnings call.

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