Destiny 2 players can take advantage of the game’s three major expansion packs for a limited time.

Bungie has announced that Expansion Open Access Month has begun. Players of Star Games can now access Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, Witch Queen, and other Destiny-related content.

Bungie Expansion Open Access Month

As of June 3, all players will have free access to Destiny 2 content, and PlayStation Plus members will have access to the latest expansion, Lightfall.

In addition to this offer, players will also have access to Destiny 6 content, including Season of Challenges, Season of the Deep, Season of the Witch, and Season of Wish.

Once players participate in content, they retain all weapons and gear they unlock during progression.

The Lightfall + Annual Pass bundle is available for purchase through the Destiny 2 content catalog on the Epic Games, Playstation, and Xbox stores. The paid content will be available on Steam on May 21st.

The extended open access month attempts to immerse Bungie players in the atmosphere of Destiny as the theme ramps up into Final Form.

Final Form is the culmination of Bungie’s ten-year saga of light and darkness. It was slightly delayed before being announced for release on June 4, 2024.

The story takes place in the Traveler’s Pale Heart, with classic characters from the Vanguard searching for the Witness. Characters returning for the finale include cult classic Caide 6, who defies death and returns for the story’s final conflict.

New gameplay mechanics for Final Shape include enhanced customization of subclasses and an all-new prismatic subclass. You can make a hybrid character by picking your favorite abilities from the Light and Dark subclasses. Class-specific restrictions will be in place, but we look forward to the opportunity to further customize our overall Destiny experience.

A new hostile race called the Fears, representing the Witnesses, will test the Vanguard. There will be five feared enemies in the expansion: the Grim, the Husk, the Attendant, the Weaver, and the Conqueror.

We’ve got an immersive breakdown of what’s in Final Form, with more details on the enemies and story so that those taking on the elusive Witness can prepare for the upcoming expansion.

Image: Bungie.

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