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Destiny 2: Final Form expansion leaked a week early via PS5 cloud streaming

If you’ve been playing Destiny for a while, then you’re probably familiar with the various leaks that occur, where files are datamined ahead of an upcoming update. However, no leak has been as serious as the one that’s happening right now.

With Final Form, the culmination of Destiny 2’s Light and Dark saga, nearly a week into its release, the entire expansion appears to have been released via PS5 cloud streaming.

Yes, you heard that right, some people are already playing the entire hyped ending story of Destiny and Destiny 2 before it releases on June 4th.

Of course, those players who managed to break into the update will be making the most of the opportunity to play through all the available content and uncover whatever secrets Pale Heart has to offer.

However, it looks like the method of accessing the DLC has been patched so no more Guardians can get through the gate, but the damage has been done.

The Witness in Destiny 2The Witness in Destiny 2

This will obviously have huge implications for those who don’t want to be spoiled, so we strongly recommend turning off any Final Form-related text on your usual social media platforms, as there are some interesting screenshots circulating online.

There are also tons of videos of cutscenes, game missions, and more on YouTube, so if you’d rather wait until the “official” release, it might be best to keep Destiny 2 off your search bar just yet.

For those concerned about the impact of The Final Shape’s world-first raid competition, the event itself is still locked until June 7, but as with the raid mechanics, there are some similarities between what happens in raids and in the campaign, so there may be some advantages for those who manage to play a little.

Of course, images of weapons and armor from the raid have already been revealed, so there are plenty of story spoilers beyond the aesthetics. Again, if you want to search blindly, don’t search for anything related to the raid.

Following this “leak” many have urged Bungie to release the expansion sooner rather than later so that everyone can play fairly. However, we highly doubt that will happen and you’ll just have to wait and see until June 4.

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