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Death Stranding 2 – Release date, trailer, platforms and everything we know

Death Stranding is a bit like Marmite – you either enjoy dragging packages through beautiful scenery or falling asleep with a controller in your hands. Death Stranding 2 will likely be more of the same, so if you fall into the former category, you’re wondering what Kojima has done this time around.

Below we will introduce all aspects of “Death Stranding 2”, including release date, trailer, release platform and more. Read on for all you need to know about Hideo Kojima’s next mind-bending masterpiece.

Death Stranding 2: The Beach release date

Death Stranding 2 release date is 2025 But that’s all we have now. If we were to speculate on a more specific time period, we’d probably look at Q4, perhaps November, since that’s when the first Death Stranding was released.

While games like GTA 6, Marvel 1943, and Pokemon Legends ZA are also set to release, 2025 is shaping up to be a very full year, which could impact the timing of another holiday game’s release.

“Death Stranding 2: The Beach” trailer

Death Stranding 2 has released two trailers so far – an initial trailer and a subsequent full trailer. In true Kojima style, though, these are both quite long at four and nine minutes respectively, so you know you’re going to get some interesting details.

Here is the first trailer released in December 2022:

The film mainly focuses on Fragile and the baby she is caring for as they try to escape the clutches of their enemies.

In the full trailer, however, things get more complicated and even weirder. There are stop-motion puppets, missing limbs, and the face of an old friend who returns to haunt Sam.

“Death Stranding 2: The Beach” Platform

At this moment, “Death Stranding 2” will be released exclusively on PS5. This isn’t surprising at all, considering the first game also started out as a PlayStation exclusive.

But we can’t rule out the possibility of a PC version of Death Stranding 2. This kind of exclusive is becoming more and more common for Sony, and since Kojima Productions isn’t strictly a PlayStation-owned studio, it’s likely we’ll see it on Steam at some point.

Even harder to predict is whether Death Stranding 2 will be released on Xbox. The first game did eventually come to Game Pass, but only for PC, and with the feud between Sony and Microsoft seemingly deepening, it’s possible that the game won’t even be considered for any Microsoft-related releases at all on the device.

Where is the scene of “Death Stranding 2”?

The desert in The desert in

“Death Stranding 2” will be set in a new continent from the original “Death Stranding” But we’re just not quite sure where on Earth this would be.

Since there are so many different landscapes in the announcement trailer above, you’re probably exploring a future Africa with harsh deserts and large areas filled with water. This would make for a nice change of pace compared to the first Death Stranding’s America, and opens up the potential for a huge map.

However, this is just speculation at the moment, and it may end up being a completely fabricated setting by Kojima.

Who are the voice actors in “Death Stranding 2”?

Higgs Monaghan in Death Stranding 2Higgs Monaghan in Death Stranding 2

Since DS2 is a direct sequel, familiar faces you’ll be familiar with will return. However, while that’s true, there are also some new actors joining the fray, playing some very wacky characters.

Here are all the confirmed actors and the roles they will play in Death Stranding 2:

  • Norman Reedus – Sam Porter Bridges
  • Léa Seydoux – Fragile
  • Troy Baker – Higgs Monaghan
  • Elle Fanning – TBA
  • Fatih Akin/Jonathan Rumi – Living Doll
  • George Miller/Marty Rohm – TBD
  • Jiu Ming Poetry – To be determined

Will Mads Mikkelsen join Death Stranding 2?

Sadly for you Mads Mickelson fans, he won’t be returning as Cliff Unger In “Death Stranding 2”.

This is Officially confirmed Hideo Kojima stated after the State of Play presentation on February 3 that “Mads will not appear in Death Stranding 2” and “if you played DS1, you will understand.” His character played a fairly large role in the first game, but that arc does seem to have come to an end, so it makes perfect sense that he wouldn’t make a comeback in DS2.

What engine does Death Stranding 2 use?

There’s no doubt that Death Stranding 2, along with Kojima’s other games, has some of the best character models around, but many have questioned what engine the studio used to achieve this.

“Death Stranding 2” uses Decima engine As you might expect, this is the same one used in the original Death Stranding. But surprisingly, the engine is built by Guerilla Games, a studio best known for the Horizon game series.

Interestingly, Decima was also the engine behind 2013’s Killzone: Shadow Fall, but today’s version is a more powerful, modified variant to keep pace with the 4k and beyond era.

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