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Cool new city builders will let you build the metropolis of your dreams across four different eras

Everyone loves a good city-building game, and even within such a strict genre, we can see a lot of extreme examples of how easy it is to go wrong and the huge differences in difficulty levels. Getting the Goldilocks game “just right” in this genre can be tricky.

Step forward Memoriapolis – a game that’s bound to be misspelled when typed into the Steam search box, but which attempts to take the Civilization approach of spanning time and mix it with individual cities rather than entire worlds.

The game is developed by 5PM, a game development studio founded in 2022 that creates innovative games that combine real-world architectural principles with game mechanics

“Memoriapolis is more than just building a city,” said 5PM Studio Director Jean Baptise Reynes. “It’s about experiencing the weight of history and the impact your choices have on its evolution. We’re excited to see players tackle strategic challenges and shape a vibrant future for their city while preserving the past.”

The team, which plans to enter Early Access later this year, has released a series of developer diaries on YouTube, and you can learn more about it by visiting the game’s website. It’s already piqued our interest, so we’ll be keeping an eye on this.

Memoriapolis: main features

  • 2,500 Years of History: Build and grow your city across four distinct eras (Antiquity, Dark Ages, Renaissance, and Enlightenment), each with unique architectural styles, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Strategic City Planning: The placement of each building affects the force field that affects how people use and inhabit your city. Strategic thinking is key to successfully maximizing limited available space.
  • Key Decisions: As time progresses, you’ll need to make key choices that impact the development and growth of your city. From conflicting cultures to new political classes, each era brings new challenges to the growing metropolis.
  • Political Fighting: Cultural factions play an important role in shaping your city, from driving political activity to defining neighborhoods and their populations.Has six main factions [Production, Military, Religion, Education, Commerce, Political]players are tasked with not only maintaining the current peace, but also ensuring their legacy and power are safeguarded for the next era.
  • A lasting legacy: Witness the impact of your decisions as your city transforms into a testament to your leadership and strategic vision.

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