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Cloudflare integrates Workers AI and Hugging Face into GA

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Cloudflare is now allowing more developers to bring their AI applications from Hugging Face to its platform. Additionally, the company has generally launched GPU-powered serverless inference (called Workers AI).

The Cloudflare-Hugging Face integration was announced nearly seven months ago. It enables models to be easily deployed on Workers AI. Developers can distribute them instantly with just one click. Cloudflare’s Workers AI supports 14 curated Hugging Face models for text generation, embedding, and sentence similarity.

“The recent generative AI boom has companies across industries investing a lot of time and money in AI. Some of it will work, but the real challenge with AI is that it’s easy to demonstrate but very difficult to put into production ,” Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince said in a statement. “We can solve this problem by removing the cost and complexity of building AI applications.”

“Workers AI is one of the most affordable and convenient solutions for running inference,” he continued. “Both Hugging Face and Cloudflare are deeply aligned with our efforts to democratize AI in a simple and affordable way, giving developers the freedom and agility to choose models and instantly take their AI applications from scratch Expand globally.”

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With Hugging Face, developers can select the open source model they want to use, select “Deploy to Cloudflare Workers AI,” and instantly distribute the model. This ensures that models are received in all the right places at the same time, so there is no lag or incorrect experience.

Julien Chaumond, co-founder and CTO of Hugging Face, added: “Providing the most popular open models via a serverless API, powered by GPUs around the world, is an amazing proposition for the Hugging Face community… “

As for Workers AI, developers now have access to GPUs deployed in more than 150 cities around the world, including Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Lagos, Amman, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Mumbai, New Delhi and Seoul. Cloudflare is also improving AI to support fine-tuning model weights, allowing developers to create and deploy specialized, domain-specific applications.

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