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ChromeOS brings keyboard shortcut customization

Google is rolling out the April update to ChromeOS users, which includes features like customizing keyboard shortcuts and mouse button actions. The update also improves voice support for offline text-to-speech. The ChromeOS M123 update will be rolling out to users in the coming days.

Let’s take a look at these new features. The main new feature is a way to assign custom keyboard shortcuts to actions. This is a feature already available in other desktop systems.

However, users need to manually turn on this feature by enabling a setting flag called “#enable-shortcut-customization”. The company says keyboard custom shortcuts will be enabled by default in the next ChromeOS update, M124.

ChromeOS keyboard customization

With ChromeOS M123 update, users can assign custom keyboard shortcuts based on their usage Image Source: Google

With this update, Google is also allowing users to customize mouse button actions. If your mouse has more than two buttons, you can assign them tasks such as taking a screenshot, muting, unmuting, and inserting emojis. Additionally, you can set up dedicated key combinations for actions performed by keyboard shortcuts.

ChromeOS lets you assign actions to other buttons on your mouse

ChromeOS lets you assign actions to other buttons on your mouse Image Source: Google

The ChromeOS M123 update also comes with some smaller upgrades, such as the ability to change the preferred language for each Android app via Settings > Apps > Manage your apps > App Language; and improved text-to-speech functionality that should sound more natural . It supports 31 languages ​​and works offline.

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