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Checkfirst raises $1.5M in pre-seed funding to apply AI to remote inspections and audits

We’ve all seen them. Inspectors hold clipboards and walk around the building, checking off the last time the fire extinguishers were checked or whether all the lights were working properly. They work in the TICC (Testing, Inspection, Certification and Compliance) space and they really tick the box. While the job may seem simple enough to be done in person, it’s a completely different story when it needs to be done remotely.

Founder Ben Lambert realized his wife’s property inspection business needed to be run remotely after moving to Portugal. “It’s no longer easy to inspect sites and get reliable information. The final report can take weeks to complete,” he told me. Also, actually arranging the results of the inspection is a big problem to say the least.

Seeing an opportunity, Lambert founded Checkfirst, an AI-driven workflow tool startup that, in addition to allowing remote inspections, enables businesses to schedule inspectors based on geography and qualifications. This results in fewer trips, a lower environmental footprint and happier workers. The company has now raised $1.5 million in pre-seed funding, led by Lisbon-based early-stage venture capital firm Olisipo Way and Hiero VC, an independent GP firm. Notion Capital and angel investors from companies including Source Point, Busuu, Swogo and FaceIT also participated.

“As [the product] After development, we discovered that the biggest problem wasn’t necessarily the data collection itself, but where the company made or lost money was in scheduling. This is timely because AI is great for scheduling tasks,” he said.

“The biggest problem in this industry is scheduling, and the cool thing is, with AI, you can schedule very easily,” he told me. “Let’s say an inspector is in London but needs to audit a building in Munich. With AI, you can understand what they’re doing and put it together. We’re creating a scheduling tool for all these big companies. It’s not just To meet compliance; that’s also the arrangement. Then compliance tools allow them to easily collect data to meet regulatory standards.”

Lambert explained that the TICC industry has proven to be touching people around the world.

“For example, an inspector might be in London today, but the company would send someone from Munich to London because they don’t really understand they’ve sent someone in London. If the inspector then flies from Munich to London, they immediately All profits are lost. With our tool, the people the company would have sent from Munich now don’t need to come to London. This saves the company thousands of euros, if not more.”

Lambert said they “initially used a mix of open source and commercial AI models” and are now building their own models “based on proprietary data for image recognition and scheduling.”

In terms of competitors, Checkfirst is competing against some of the big incumbents in the compliance space, such as Intact Systems, Lumiform, Safety Culture (a unicorn) and Happy Co (focused on property management).

Lambert said Checkfirst is different in that it is an API-first solution and uses artificial intelligence for image recognition and automation, report summary generation and scheduling.

The startup is working with multiple customers on proof-of-concepts, including one with 30,000 customers, the company claims.

The co-founding team includes Lambert, CPO Oyvind Henriksen (founder of Poq Studio) and CTO Rami Elsawy. Lambert previously worked at Nexmo and Agora.

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