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Capcom survey asks players about Dragon’s Dogma 2 DLC price

Game maker Capcom has released an in-depth survey document to collect all user feedback on Dragon’s Dogma 2. The Japanese video game giant also asked players who purchased the game thorough financial questions.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a polarizing game from the same publisher as Street Fighter and Resident Evil. Players initially raved about the RPG’s content and combat system as they traveled across the land of Wymonde.

Many gaming sites give the storyline and overall performance of the game five starts out of ten, but there are also hanging swords with microtransactions.

As we reported upon the game’s launch, it wouldn’t be appropriate for a triple-A game to require players to engage in some microtransactions immediately.

Just before the game was released, PSN was down in most regions with a 70GB preload. This delay increases the impact of requiring money to change a character’s appearance or unlock fast travel locations.

Capcom quizzes players

Simply put, the game could have been accomplished without this expensive window dressing, and this survey will allow players to have their say on the matter.

The online documentation provides a blank text box that is sure to be filled with players’ thoughts on microtransactions and their impact on the gaming experience.

Still, Capcom’s attempt to regain trust by opening the mailbox is slightly different than having no way to focus these frustrations.

Survey asks:

  • Which version of “Dragon’s Dogma 2” did you buy?
  • What did you enjoy after playing Dragon’s Dogma 2?
  • How satisfied are you with Dragon’s Dogma 2?
  • Please share what you like or dislike about Dragon’s Dogma
  • How memorable is the background music in the official trailer for Dragon’s Dogma 2?
  • If additional content is to be released, would you be interested in purchasing DLC ​​for Dragon’s Dogma 2?
  • If additional content is to be released, would you be interested in purchasing DLC ​​for Dragon’s Dogma 2?
      1. Up to $9.99. /Up to £9.99. /up to €9.99.
      2. $10.00 – $19.99 / £10.00 – £19.99 / €10.00 – €19.99
      3. $20.00 – $29.99 / £20.00 – £29.99 / €20.00 – €29.99
      4. $30.00 – $39.99/£30.00 – £39.99/€30.00 – €39.99
      5. USD 40.00 – USD 49.99 / GBP 40.00 – GBP 49.99 / EUR 40.00 – EUR 49.99
      6. Over $50.00. /Over £50.00. /over €50.00

You can take the survey here and give your feedback to Capcom to get great wallpapers for the device of your choice.

Image: Capcom.

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