The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has decided not to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into advertising for iconic program Doctor Who.

We reported earlier this month that senior BBC executive David Housden initially said, “There’s a wealth of content in the Whoniverse series on iPlayer to test and learn from, and Doctor Who is thematically suited to artificial intelligence, which is a bonus. “

Now fans have spoken, with the broadcaster having to submit an official statement saying “we have no plans to do this again to promote Doctor Who”.

BBC backslides on AI merger

The Doctor Who companion website is “disgusted” by attempts to incorporate generative artificial intelligence into any aspect of the show.

“Shortly after the news was released, fan outrage resulted in the (artificial intelligence announcement) article being removed and replaced with a page that said, ‘Sorry, we can’t find the page,'” the site posted. “

“We’re going to take it one step at a time, starting simple and learning as we go,” Housden said. “We chose to start with ‘Doctor Who’ because it’s the product of the BBC UK Public Service and BBC Studios marketing teams. Shared content priorities.”

It’s a big moment for the pop culture figure who has had legendary battles with artificial intelligence and robots in comics, TV and radio dramas, and for the BBC.

The much-loved traveling TARDIS doctors and their fans finally prevailed. In response to complaints against the BBC, the broadcaster issued a statement acknowledging the backlash, writing:

“We have received complaints about reports that the BBC is exploring generative artificial intelligence in promotions of Doctor Who.”

“As part of a small trial, the marketing team used generative AI technology to help draft some text for two promotional emails and mobile notifications to highlight Doctor Who shows on the BBC.

We follow all BBC editorial compliance processes and the final text is verified and signed off by a member of the marketing team before being sent. “

Doctor Who will return to BBC One and BBC iPlayer in the UK and Disney+ in the rest of the world in May 2024.

As we reported earlier this year, Doctor Who will also debut in the Fortnite world, possibly alongside this new sci-fi adventure series, according to a well-known gaming leaker.

Image: BBC.

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