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ASUS ROG Ally X – what is it, is it worth buying extra and what new features will it have?

The trailer video of the new ROG Ally handheld gaming computer has appeared, making the world excited about the OLED screen and the greatly improved specifications of ROG Ally 2. But it turns out that’s not what the video reveal was about at all. Instead, we’re greeted with the ROG Ally X, a mid-cycle iteration that Apple completes by adding the S to the iPhone lineup.

Republic of Gamers (ROG) isn’t the only company doing this, they’re all now involved. Valve’s Steam Deck has improved specs, including a gorgeous OLED screen, for about the same price, but that won’t happen here.

Now don’t get me wrong, I owned an original ROG Ally for a while earlier this year and ended up selling it to a nicer home because I didn’t use it enough, but it was great while I had it Great, but when I did this the battery life wasn’t enough for my needs. This is a problem faced by all these devices. Along with the new screen, Valve has managed to extend the battery life of its machines, and now Asus is doing the same with the Rog Ally X. So what do we know about this device before its official launch in early June?

What is ASUS ROG Ally X?

Well, if you’re the owner of a ROG Ally Steam Deck competitor, you’re most likely asking this question. Overall, the specs are very similar to the original Extreme version – which is mainly the only version people buy, rather than the underspecced budget model.

The screen remains the same, and while it looks lovely, it’s not an OLED 7-inch model with a 120Hz refresh rate, and the brains are still Ryzen Z1. Well, aside from the black casing we’ve seen so far, there’s actually been a change – oh, and there’s also a price, which we don’t know yet, but do know it will be higher.

Conspicuous by the announcement is the lack of any new specs – they’re set to be released next month. We know the battery – and it’s a big one – is increasing by “more than 40%,” which was the number Valve cited in the Steam Deck refresh. The less traditional “far more than” measurement method is underutilized in the tech industry today.

We also don’t get any graphics – a “scrolling cut” followed by a five-second three-word video on a black screen. This is a bit… strange.

Another change you might not notice is the relocation of the SD card storage expansion slot, which has been heavily criticized by users who said it was located close to the exhaust fan and constantly blew hot air towards the SD card, causing the SD card to appear. Fault. ASUS has never acknowledged this as a problem. Anyway, now that the slot has been moved, whether it was a problem or not, it should no longer be an issue. The movement of this and other internal components allowed Asus to fit in a larger battery, so it’s a win on all accounts.

But that’s it for now. We don’t have any new specs. We don’t know if it will have more memory or basic storage. We do know, as I begged yesterday, that launcher software Armor Crate is getting an overhaul, but hopefully it’ll be in the original Allly too. It would be a travesty not to.

The ROG Ally is already a great machine, but it’s more expensive than the Steam Deck. As much as I’d like more battery life, I can’t imagine myself getting more gaming time at the higher price.

I’m not a fan of mid-iteration leaps anyway, it’s only a year since the initial release, and if I spend more than $600 on something I want it to last longer. I know Apple does this all the time, but because of my contract I don’t upgrade every year so it affects me less and I don’t feel any FOMO.

Isn’t this unreasonable?

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