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Arcade Paradise VR finally launches on Meta Quest this month

Arcade Paradise was a hugely popular indie game when it first launched, but what could make playing on a virtual arcade cabinet and running your own arcade even more exciting? VR is like that.

Arcade Paradise VR is launching at the end of this month, bringing with it a host of new arcade taxis playable in virtual reality, as well as all the content from the original tablet version.

Set in the run-down town of Millstone, you play as Ashley, a rebellious teen who continues the family business against his father’s wishes. Manage daily tasks yourself, from manually picking up discarded disgusting chewing gum, doing laundry, wiping toilets clean, and throwing away trash in a basketball-style mini-game. Then, use your hard-earned money from completing these tasks to unlock your true goal…purchase more arcade cabinets and gradually turn the laundry room into a profitable arcade for anyone to see.

The 1990s retro vibe is perfectly executed right from the start, and being able to immerse yourself in the smoky old arcades of yesteryear will bring back memories for many players.

If you own the original Quest 1 then you’re out of luck, this isn’t for you, you’ll need to upgrade to a Quest 2, or better yet a Quest 3, to enjoy the full potential of Arcade Paradise VR when it launches on the 25th moon.

Arcade Paradise VR Features:

  • 12 new fully realized VR arcade cabinets plus 27 90s-inspired traditional controller games from the original version
  • Games range from laundry mini-games to managing a complete arcade with a fully playable game cabinet.
  • Achieve high scores in every game on competitive online leaderboards.
  • The soundtrack was created by former The Prodigy live act member Kieron Pepper in collaboration with Black Razor Records.
  • Award-winning voice actor Doug Cockle stars as your belligerent father, Gerald, in this coming-of-age story.
  • Bring the 90s into the future with mixed reality and place cabinets in your living room for a whole new level of immersion.

Arcade Paradise VR will launch on Meta Quest 2/3 and Pro on April 25, 2024, priced at $19.99/£14.99. Players can now add to wishlists.

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