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April Pokémon GO Raid Guide

“Pokémon GO” has announced its raid plan for April, where players can team up to fight the toughest bosses and capture Shadow, Super, and Legendary Pokémon.

Raid Battles are an integral part of the Pokémon GO player experience. These battles can present challenges, especially at higher levels. However, participating in these events is still the primary way to obtain rare Legendary Pokémon (such as Regice) or Ultra Beasts (such as Guzzlord) for your collection.

The lineup of Raid Bosses changes every month, and even the more common 1-star and 3-star bosses are constantly changing based on ongoing events in the game. These changes illustrate the importance of staying up to date on your schedule.

During April, events such as Big Surprise and Sustainability Week are open for players to participate.

There’s also a Community Day this month focusing on the dragon-type Pokémon Bagon.

In terms of Raids, trainers from around the world will have the opportunity to battle Pokémon like Tapu Bulu and Kartana in 5-star Raids, as well as Mega Heracross and Mega Aggron in Mega Raids.

Pokemon GO Raid Boss April 2024 Schedule

Super raids and five-star raids will follow the schedule below, but one-star and three-star raids often change randomly, especially during special events. Raid Hours are beneficial for those who typically face the challenge of getting enough trainers to conquer a 5-star Raid, as the number of people actively playing Pokémon GO usually increases during these periods.

The Campfire app can also be used to organize meetups for those who are having trouble finding enough trainers to participate in raids within their area.

large raid

Super Charizard X: April 4th – April 13th
Giant Heracross: April 13th – April 25th
Super Agron: April 25th – May 2nd

five star raid

Katana: April 4th – April 12th – Northern Hemisphere
Celestila: April 4th – April 12th – Southern Hemisphere
Tapu Bulu: April 12 to April 25
Registered steel: April 25th – May 2nd

three star raid

Wigley Tuff: End date to be determined
Drapion: End date to be determined
Gottorita: End date to be determined
Droba: End date to be determined

one star raid

Galarian Slowpoke: End date to be determined
Coffin: End date to be determined
Rat: End date to be determined
Croaguk: End date to be determined
Espur: End date to be determined

What are Pokemon GO Raids?

Raid battles occur when a boss Pokémon gains control of a gym. These can be identified by trainers patrolling local gyms, looking for eggs that are about to hatch or Boss Pokémon participating in active attacks.

Due to its immense strength, trainers are advised to join forces with others to ensure victory. Raid battles are divided into four levels: 1 Star, 3 Star, 5 Star and Super Raid Battle, with each level gradually increasing in difficulty.

The effort and time invested in raid battles will pay off handsomely, not only with access to special items, but also with the opportunity to capture failed Pokémon. Especially in five-star raids, participants have a unique chance to catch Legendary Pokémon that are otherwise impossible to catch.

Players will need a Raid Pass to participate in Raid Battles, which they can earn daily by spinning the Photo Disc at any gym.

How to catch Pokémon in Raid Battles

When a trainer successfully defeats a Raid Boss, they have a chance to capture it. For this, they will receive a certain number of Premium Balls, although capturing Pokémon is not guaranteed, especially Legendary Pokémon, which have an extremely low catch rate.

Here are strategies to increase the number of Premier Balls you receive:

  • Causes severe damage to Raid Boss.
  • Make sure the team deals a lot of damage to the Raid Boss.
  • Take control of a gym where a raid is taking place.
  • Take part in raids with friends.

Shadow Raid Bosses for April 2024

Every weekend throughout April, Shadow Fire Emperor will appear in Shadow Raid. These raid battles are designated “Local Only,” meaning remote raid passes cannot be used to participate—in-person attendance is required.

In addition to this, there will be a variety of 3-star and 1-star Pokémon appearing in this month’s Shadow Raid, which will require special attention from trainers eager to participate in these encounters.

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