Apple’s AI Plans Includes OpenAI or Google

Apple’s AI Plans Includes OpenAI or Google: According to Bloomberg, Apple is actively discussing with Google to incorporate its Gemini generative AI technology into the iPhone. Additionally, Apple is considering leveraging OpenAI’s ChatGPT for this purpose.

CEO Tim Cook has confirmed Apple’s strong focus on artificial intelligence (AI) features, slated for release later this year. These features may encompass a blend of Apple’s proprietary AI models and third-party collaborations. For instance, Apple’s models could drive on-device generative AI in iOS 18, while cloud-based AI functionalities might come through partnerships with companies like Google.

Apple’s AI Plans Includes OpenAI or Google

Apple already has a significant partnership with Google, making Google Search the default on its devices, reportedly valued at $18 billion annually. However, such agreements have drawn regulatory scrutiny for potentially strengthening Google’s dominance unfairly.

A Potential AI Collaboration between Apple and Google

A potential AI collaboration between Apple and Google could extend Google’s AI tools to over 2 billion iPhones globally. Nevertheless, this move might suggest that Apple’s in-house generative AI technology lags behind competitors. While Apple has been testing its chatbot named Apple GPT and has its large language model codenamed Ajax, reports indicate that its AI tech is not as advanced as its rivals.

A Deal between Apple and Google Is Possible

Although a deal between Apple and Google is possible, Bloomberg suggests that any announcement is unlikely before Apple’s WWDC event in June.

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