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Apple cancels TV ad plans for controversial ‘Crush’ ad

Apple has announced it will cancel TV plans for its controversial “Crush” ad after admitting it “missed its goals.”

This week, Apple unveiled its new iPads and shared new ads on both Tim Cook’s X account and Apple’s YouTube page. Rather than getting people excited about an AI-enhanced iPad, the ad angered and unsettled people.

“I’m not sure ‘wanton destruction of all good things’ is [sic] This world is really the vibe you want it to be,” said one user responded. other Highlighting the contrast between this ad and Apple’s iconic ads from the past: “Forty years ago, Apple released this 1984 ad as a bold statement against a dystopian future. Now you are that dystopian future. Congratulations.”

The tech giant seems to have heard the message loud and clear. Apple admitted in a statement to AdAge that the ad failed to achieve its goal of supporting creators. Tor Myhren, the company’s vice president of marketing communications, said,

Creativity is in Apple’s DNA, and it’s important to us to design products that inspire creativity around the world. Our goal is to always celebrate the many ways users can express themselves and bring their ideas to life through iPad. We missed our mark with this video and we’re sorry. “

What did Apple’s “Crush” ad do? Did it miss the mark?

The ad shows a crusher crushing a range of creative objects, from paint to musical instruments to sculptures, and then lifting a new iPad, aiming to convey the creative potential contained within the device. “Look at all the things you can do and create with your iPad,” it means.

Instead, the message is more like Apple is going to crush all creativity and joy in the world so that it can exist in an iPad and no one can create with physical objects anymore.


Whatever you think of this ad, it should be noted that this isn’t the first time this type of ad has appeared. In fact, mobile phone manufacturer LG launched a very similar phone in 2008.

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