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Apple bows to EU pressure to open App Store to game emulators

Apple has announced that it will allow gaming emulators on its platform as part of a new set of guidelines to comply with EU regulations.

For the first time, developers can now develop and distribute game emulators through the App Store. The news was sent to developers via the company’s email.

Ever since the iPhone was first launched, developers have been trying to distribute game emulators to iOS users despite App Store policies banning emulator software. Some apps manage to bypass Apple’s censorship mechanisms by disguising their true functionality and hiding emulators within them. However, this will change with new guidelines.

The Mini-Applications and Game Streaming sections have been modified to include game emulators. Apple says, “The Retro Console Emulator app provides game downloads.”

However, the tech giant warned developers that they are “responsible for all such software provided in applications, including ensuring that such software complies with these Guidelines and all applicable laws.” The status of emulators has been legally unclear, Because it’s not clear who has the rights.

In March this year, the European Commission fined Apple approximately $2 billion for allegedly abusing the App Store’s regulations on music streaming providers. Under the Digital Markets Act, which came into effect last month, it is illegal for the most powerful tech companies to prioritize their own services over their competitors.

The changes also appear to be in response to an antitrust lawsuit filed in the United States, accusing Apple of trying to clamp down on cloud game streaming apps and super apps. In a recent shift, Apple has started allowing cloud streaming platforms like Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now to access the App Store.

Apple continues to challenge recent EU decisions, and the European Commission may demand further changes.

EU investigates platform

Apple, Google parent Alphabet and Facebook owner Meta are all under investigation by the European Union under the Digital Markets Act, which aims to maintain fair competition.

Apple and Google are both under investigation for their mobile app stores, and the European Union has previously ordered that they must allow greater competition on their respective platforms.

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