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Android’s new theft-detection lock helps stop smartphones from being snatched

Imagine you are sitting on a park bench, looking at your phone, minding your own business. Prosperity. Someone snatches your device and takes it away. Android and iOS already have some protections in place, but what about those precious seconds while the phone is still unlocked and you have a way to remotely wipe it?

Thieves can obtain a large amount of information in a short period of time. Every moment counts. Google announced an upcoming Android feature called “Theft Detection Lock” at its Google I/O 2024 developer conference on Wednesday that aims to protect against this growing threat. Once triggered, the AI ​​feature will automatically lock the device.

Image Source: Google

Google notes that “if common theft-related motions are detected, your phone screen quickly locks, preventing thieves from easily accessing your data.” An example of such a trigger is a device that suddenly starts moving rapidly in the opposite direction.

Google has also added an offline device lock feature designed to protect devices if they are intentionally disconnected from the network. Things like being unable to authenticate your phone multiple times will trigger the feature.

A future update will also provide a feature that will make it more difficult for thieves to remotely factory reset your device. “With this update, if a thief force-resets a stolen device, they won’t be able to set it up again without knowing your device or Google account credentials,” Google said. “This makes stolen devices impossible to sell, reducing The motive for cell phone theft.”

When a device is logged in from an unsecured location, biometric authentication is required to change sensitive information.

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