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An early version of The Sims 5 map leaked online by game testers

Millions of fans have been obsessed with The Sims 4 since its launch by Maxis. Work has been underway on The Sims 5 for over a year, and the project is widely known as “Project Rene.”

Playtest versions with limited things you can do have been released to registered beta testers in recent months, and the latest version appears to have been released a few weeks ago.

Images of the game’s map, as well as data mined by one such playtester, have now surfaced on Reddit, and there’s been a lot of speculation as to whether it confirms the game will be open-world.

Data miners also seem to suggest that the maps provided so far are loosely based on Paris, although this has yet to be confirmed.

User DzxAnt22 said in a post on Reddit: “Project Rene is the latest game released by Maxis. This map was data mined through the Playtest build of Project Rene that leaked a few weeks ago.

Leaked map of Project Rene.Leaked map of Project Rene.

The red area on the map represents the playable area in the game test. Below is a comparison between the map and some in-game screenshots showing that the map is arranged correctly. I believe this map is also based on Paris, as I also found actual real-life photo references in the game files (I’ll share them if there’s demand, but they’re not that interesting). “

While it’s not a huge leak, and may end up being completely different when the game actually releases sometime in the distant future, it might make developers think twice about what could be easily extracted from the game’s files What content goes forward.

Leaked images of Project Rene.Leaked images of Project Rene.

Popular games like Fortnite are constantly leaked, showing what’s to come, and every word from reliable leakers is often believed without question.

We don’t expect The Sims 5 to arrive until late 2026 at the earliest, although we may get a smaller demo before development wraps up.

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