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After 23 years of searching, collector spends more than $90,000 on rare Castlevania copy

A rare sealed tag copy of the first Castlevania has sold for $90,100, making the auction one of the highest-priced for an original boxed video game.

There were 130 bids, with the item starting at $37,000 on eBay from a seller in Frisco, Texas.

Products released in 1987 are described in the listing as being in “as new” condition, a label reserved for items that have never been opened or removed from the manufacturer’s seal.

With the game’s original price of $27.87, buyers have spent a pretty penny to get their hands on this Japanese classic. The delighted buyer then left feedback for the seller: “This is the best eBay transaction I have ever experienced. Great seller and easy to deal with.

“Thank you for an amazing transaction. Five stars all the way.”

Many are wondering who won the rare Castlevania, and it’s unclear if that person will reveal their identity or if the auction will remain anonymous.

Then, a few weeks after the listing ended, in the first week of April, the person who paid the staggering amount showed up on Instagram under the username “minus_worlds.” He took to the social media platform to share a photo of the game that had just arrived in the mail.

The gamer has spent the past few years sharing his purchases and video game collection. This account is dedicated to playing, collecting, selling, and trading, with a focus on all things vintage.

Nostalgia wins bidding war

Two photos from the Castlevania game were captioned: “The search ends after 23 years.”

After more than two decades of searching, players believe they’ve previously missed the chance to repurchase it: “After years of searching, I can no longer add this Holy Grail, I just have to accept it.

“But everything came together for me and my childhood friend this week because we were able to access this absolute beauty.

“It was the first game my mom ever bought me. I still remember us calling to buy it. It’s a core memory, like this past week.”

Featured image: via Instagram user Minus_Worlds

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