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Aerospike raises $100 million for its real-time database platform to capitalize on the AI ​​boom

NoSQL database Aerospike today announced it has received $100 million in Series E funding led by Sumeru Equity Partners. Existing investor Alsop Louie Partners also participated in the round.

The company started out as a key-value store in 2009, focusing on the ad tech industry; Aerospike’s products have since diversified considerably. Today, its core product is a NoSQL database optimized for large-scale real-time use cases.

In 2022, Aerospike added document support and then graph and vector capabilities, two database features critical for building real-time AI and ML applications.

“We were founded primarily as a real-time data platform that can handle data at very large scale, or what we call infinite scale,” said Subbu Iyer, CEO of Aerospike. “We are fortunate that many of our customers are either have started their journey with us at scale or started this journey earlier and grown into this platform. So our premise is that real-time data and real-time data access is very important for every industry. Our founding principles Delivering real-time performance for virtually any size of data at the lowest cost [total cost of ownership] in the market. “

To the extent that Aerospike serves as a managed platform and on-premises, it’s able to deliver on that promise through its hybrid memory architecture, which allows it to increase its use of RAM to accelerate data access via fast flash storage, or either of the two. combination. Aerospike competitor Redis recently acquired Speedb to provide similar functionality while also focusing on helping customers reduce costs.

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Today, the company’s clients include the likes of Airtel, Transunion, Snap and TechCrunch parent Yahoo.

However, the current craze for artificial intelligence has undoubtedly aroused great interest in Aerospike, and the company hopes to take full advantage of this with this new round of financing.

Unsurprisingly, this means the company plans to use the new funding to accelerate its innovation around artificial intelligence, which is primarily focused on its graphics and vector capabilities. Aerospike is specifically considering combining the two capabilities, Iyer told me.

“Going forward, there are some synergistic ways to bring diagrams and work errors together,” he said. “For example, a simple use case I use for this is if you are looking for a specific document and you have embeddings and store them in a vector database, then you want to use vector search to get that specific document. But if you are looking A set of similar documents, vector search allows you to find nearby documents, and then graphs can give you a corpus of similar documents because of relationships and other things.”

Of course, this is why investors are interested in the company. Aerospike raised its last round of funding in 2019 and according to the company’s CEO, there is no need to raise capital now, but Aerospike now has a big opportunity to capitalize on, Sumeru co-founder and managing director George Kadifa also highlighted Got this.

“Artificial intelligence is transforming the economy and providing new opportunities for growth and innovation,” he said. “air nailWith its impressive customer base and performance advantages at scale, it is uniquely positioned to become a foundational element of the next generation of real-time AI applications. “

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