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Ads on Discord, AT&T password reset, and podcast changes for Android users

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the startup business where we break down the numbers and nuances behind the headlines. This is our Monday show where we dive into the weekend and look ahead to the week ahead. We’ll talk more about Wednesday, but this week is Y Combinator Demo Day, so expect a lot of startup news.

In today’s podcast, we take a deep dive into the latest news from Discord that suggests it’s opening its doors to advertising. As I wrote in 2022, this is standard practice for tech companies to thrive, even if we as consumers don’t like it. (Just look at YouTube’s ad load, for example.)

We’ve also weighed in on trucking’s mega-startup funding round, TechCrunch’s latest cybersecurity scoop (which is big news for AT&T customers), and even the upcoming changes to the Android podcast ecosystem that will make YouTube Music available at Alphabet gain a more prominent position in the consumer empire. Click play and let’s have fun!

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For the full interview transcript, for those who prefer reading to listening, read on or check out our full episode archive on Simplecast.

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