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Adobe’s GenStudio brings brand-safe generative AI to marketers

Brands want to use generative AI to personalize their marketing efforts, but they are also very concerned that AI will convey messages and ruin their brands. At its annual summit in Las Vegas, Adobe today launched GenStudio, a new app that helps brands create content and measure its performance centered on the promise of generative AI and brand safety.

Currently, the tool is primarily focused on helping social, paid media, and lifecycle marketers who want to create social media posts, email campaigns, and display ads, with support for creating entire websites coming soon.

Adobe hopes GenStudio, first previewed last September, will be an end-to-end solution that will help marketers tailor content for different channels and audiences. It includes tools for content creation, managing campaigns, and analytics. But to generate personalized content, you need a supply chain that can easily generate large volumes of branded content, and then the tools to measure the performance of that content.

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“I think most of the customers we talk to are very excited about GenAI but also concerned about GenAI in a lot of different ways, ‘Hey, what’s the state of my data? What data am I working with, the state of the model, ” Adobe’s Amit Ahuja, senior vice president of the company’s Experience Cloud platform, told me. “That results in — we just did a survey on this — a lot of them are in this almost isolated experimental mode. I think the opportunity for Adobe is: How do we get security in place through the right Measures and all the right compliance to bring it more directly into the tools that these people are using?”

As brands try to reach these potential customers through an increasing number of channels while trying to personalize their messages, the entire content supply chain is under a lot of pressure. Of course, this is where generative AI comes in, as it can dramatically speed up content creation.

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“If you think about the amount of content required for personalization, experimentation, and fragmentation across all channels, that content alone creates a huge burden and demand on the content supply chain and the business processes around it. Put GenAI on top of that, Now it’s like: ‘Hey, I can make more content now,’ and you have this rapidly expanding content mechanism,” Ahujia said.

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GenStudio borrows content from other Adobe enterprise services from brands like Workfront project management platform and Journey Analytics for cross-platform insights and Experience Manager, and combines it with some of its creative tools like Adobe Express and, of course, Firefly model) combined. Businesses that already use these services can connect them to GenStudio, but new users don’t need to use these tools to start using the new services.

However, having these integrations means marketers can start using a brand’s existing assets immediately. In the case of GenStudio backgrounds, for example, this means they can remix them with new AI-generated backgrounds to create new Instagram posts. This allows a brand like Coca-Cola to use an existing image of a Coca-Cola bottle and pin it to a Firefly-generated background. After all, Firefly and similar models aren’t very good at creating bottles with the correct Coca-Cola logo.

For additional editing, a lightweight version of Adobe Express is embedded in the service.

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Brands can set guidelines in GenStudio to ensure that system-generated content is brand-safe, whether it’s visual or textual content created by the system, and that there’s always a human in the loop. The tool also continuously checks that any content users create in GenStudio adheres to brand guidelines.

Equally important here is that brands can bring in their suite of styles and create bespoke models based on their existing assets. Adobe is actually using a new set of APIs to support many of these features, which are now also available to third-party developers.

For data-driven marketers, integrated analytics may actually be the highlight of this new service. These insights start at the campaign level, but users can drill down to minute details to understand why a certain campaign performed the way it did and then tailor their next ad or social post accordingly.

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