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Adobe extends generative AI capabilities to video editing software Premiere Pro

Adobe has expanded its library of generative AI capabilities, bringing new capabilities to video editing software Premiere Pro.

Back in February, Adobe previewed upcoming AI tools for audio editing, and is now expanding this product to video tools, with AI also coming to Premiere Pro. The upcoming update will allow users to add frames and extend edits using generative artificial intelligence, as well as add or remove objects from the background of shots.

“We believe generative AI is the next accelerator of human creativity, and Adobe’s strategy is to give creative professionals more power and efficiency by integrating generative AI into the Creative Cloud,” announced the launch of the new tool wrote in a blog post. “Over the past year, the Premiere Pro team has been deeply engaged with the professional video community to understand how generative AI can solve real problems in their work.”

Adobe is about to launch AI video editing capabilities

The first and perhaps most creatively exciting addition to this suite of tools is the Generate Extensions feature. This allows video editors to add frames and make clips longer, using artificial intelligence to “fill in the gaps.” It works by clicking and dragging to extend the clip to the appropriate length to add transitions, add J and L cuts, and fine-tune the tempo.

This is particularly useful for audio gaps, meaning editors can expand “silent” audio clips to create atmosphere and smooth out jagged audio edits.

Going more into the visual realm, you can also add AI-generated objects that are created with simple text prompts. This allows users to change scenery, backgrounds, or even replace props and objects entirely.

Last but not least, you can also delete unwanted objects to refine your clips, taking your post-production capabilities to the next level. In a preview of the feature provided by Adobe, Generative AI removed the boom microphone, light stand, and logo to avoid branding issues and highlight the technology’s multiple uses.

Watch the video below to see more practical applications of Adobe’s upcoming generative AI video editing tools in Premiere Pro.

Adobe launched its own image generation tool last October and has since moved into artificial intelligence. Check out our thoughts on the tool here.

Featured image: Adobe

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