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About 27,000 Call of Duty accounts banned over the weekend for cheating

Call of Duty cheaters have been out in force since Season 3 went off the air, as people are desperate to pretend they’re better at the game than they really are and get ahead of people on fictional leaderboards who, for whatever reason, aren’t cheating. This is still very attractive.

This weekend, 27,000 Call of Duty players who didn’t heed the advice to “start playing the game properly, or admit you’re not good enough and then enjoy the game” found that their exploits (sometimes literally) meant they couldn’t play longer. well done. Money well spent.

Activision uses the Ricochet anti-cheat mechanism in its Call of Duty games and has recently upgraded its detection algorithms to keep up with the latest cheating methods.

Ricochet’s statement was contained in a post on X by Charlie Intel after Activision banned 27,000 accounts from Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone over the past few days.

The post read: “#TeamRICOCHET identified and banned over 27,000 accounts over the weekend through a series of upgraded detection systems. The team is working on a new set of security updates and anticipates a wave of additional bans.”

This is bad news for those determined to cheat in the game, but for those who just want to continue playing the game normally without getting sniped through walls or deadly targets from the other side of the map or just having their game ruined For players, it also shows the seriousness of the problem by spoilers.

Some people have complained about being banned for no reason or by mistake, while others who have recently recovered their accounts after being hacked have also found themselves banned, but the general feeling is that the game is now filled with cheaters and the only ones suffering are legitimate players who buy game.

Replying to the post, one user said: “Are you sure this is MW3 and not MW2? I don’t think I’ve played a ranked game in the last three days without encountering a ton of cheaters. I don’t know why they can’t Giving professional and top respected players the ability to ban players they are 100% aware of is cheating makes us their anti-cheat.”

It seems that Activision and Ricochet are still some way off from resolving the issue.

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