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5th Scape virtual reality crypto project reaches $2.5 million milestone in public pre-sale

The upcoming VR/AR encryption project “5th Scape” has exceeded the $2.5 million mark in public pre-sale this month and entered the third phase.

5th Scape aims to build a comprehensive virtual and augmented reality ecosystem and has made headlines in the crypto space from Cointelegraph, Coinpedia, Finbold, and other media.

What is the fifth landscape?

5th Scape is an ambitious initiative dedicated to redefining the VR and AR landscape by creating a unified ecosystem that seamlessly integrates hardware, software and content.

Built on the Ethereum network, the project is developing blockchain-based VR gaming and headset technology, focusing on VR gaming, hardware, and animation.

Some of its games, including Cage Conquest and Epic Cricket Arena, are currently in beta and follow the Play-to-Earn-Earn (P2E) format popular among crypto gamers.

5SCAPE token pre-sale

The pre-sale, open to the public and hosted on the project’s website, is divided into twelve planning phases and aims to raise a total of $15 million.

Each phase aims to raise $1.25 million, with 80% of the token economy set aside for pre-sale, 10% allocated for development, and the remaining 10% for liquidity.

5SCAPE native tokens obtained during the pre-sale are subject to a lock-in and vesting schedule. Initially, 40% of purchased tokens will be unlocked upon token issuance, with the remaining tokens remaining locked for 8 weeks. In addition, staking rewards for pre-sale tokens last for 8 months, providing incentives for long-term commitment to the project.

The listing price of 5SCAPE tokens has been set at $0.01, providing pre-sale investors with a significant discount – during the current pre-sale stage, 5SCAPE tokens are priced at $0.00248.

5SCAPE Token and Ecosystem

5SCAPE, 5th Scape’s native utility token, plays an important role in the ecosystem. Token holders have access to premium VR content, including games, experiences and features within the platform.

In addition, 5th Scape’s earn-as-you-play mechanism incentivizes players to hold 5SCAPE tokens, which can also be traded once listed on the exchange.

The project also plans to introduce staking opportunities, allowing users to lock their tokens for a period of time to earn passive rewards, taking a similar approach to crypto gaming’s biggest names like Axie Infinity.

How to buy the fifth landscape

To participate in the 5SCAPE pre-sale, potential investors and enthusiasts can follow the steps below:

  • visit Official pre-sale website: Here you can find the white paper, audit information, more information about the team (including LinkedIn profile) and a step-by-step guide on how to purchase 5SCAPE tokens
  • Explore Token Economics: Get familiar with the details of the 5SCAPE token, the native currency powering the 5th Scape ecosystem. The token is a core enabler of interaction between VR games, hardware and developer markets, making it a key component to the project’s potential success.
  • Interact with the community: Join the 5th Scape community and follow its social channels to learn about the latest project progress XDiscord, Telegram and YouTube.

marketing and awareness

To attract users and developers, 5th Scape focuses on branding, digital marketing through social media channels, and content marketing to establish thought leadership in the VR and AR space.

The project has been widely publicized on several major crypto media sites, including Readwrite, demonstrating its commitment to building a strong presence and raising awareness within the community.

We’ve also added a fifth landscape to our list Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2024.

in conclusion

With its strong fundamentals and interesting concept, 5th Scape may provide an interesting investment opportunity for those keen to explore the potential of the emerging VR and AR fields.

The project’s focus on creating a comprehensive ecosystem that seamlessly integrates hardware, software, and content can make it a noteworthy player in the market.


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