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5 comfortable Switch games coming in April

With April showers inevitable, it’s time for cozy playtime. With no word on when Stardew Valley patch 1.6 will be released on Switch, console gamers need something else to occupy their time, especially since Switch 2 is likely to be delayed until 2025. Here are six cozy Switch games launching in April.

Cats arranged neatly

  • Release date: April 4
  • Price: $2.99
  • Organized Cats is a cute puzzle game where players follow the in-game instructions to organize their cats neatly. Place the feline tetromino into the space provided. Its extremely simple premise belies the challenge of some of the later levels. The PC version was released in 2020 and received “overwhelmingly positive” reviews on Steam. A year later, developer DU&I released the equally cute and popular Dogs Organized Neatly, and Birds Organized Neatly is also coming to PC this year, so if the Switch version of Cats does well, a sequel will follow too. , fans may be in for a treat. Transplanted.

Botany Estate

  • Release date: April 9
  • Price: No USD price yet – available on the UK eStore for £22.49, about $28.50
  • Set in the historic Somerset, England, Plantation is an elaborate 3D exploration puzzle game in which players take on the role of retired botanist Arabella Greene. Find out each plant’s ideal habitat and help them thrive. Use clues scattered throughout the house to answer questions about the plants and the mysterious protagonist.

traveler sophia

  • Release date: April 11
  • Price: $8.09 for pre-order (increases to $8.99 on April 19)
  • Sofia the Traveler is a hidden object game with an almost unprecedented level of detail. These areas are based on real-life locations in Venice and are gorgeously realized in a hand-drawn game world. Fans of the genre will love this game, and if you’re curious if they’re for you, this is the perfect place to start.

Moonlight Bay

  • Release date: April 11
  • Price: $18.74 pre-order ($24.99 after release)
  • Play as an amateur fisherman who moves to Moonlight Bay. Learn to fish, connect with residents and become part of a thriving community in this emotionally charged fishing game. The voxel art style is quirky and appealing, and the story is engaging. Some PC players have warned of bugs that impact the enjoyment of the game, but it’s possible these issues will be fixed when it’s ported to Switch.

Wesker Waters

  • Release date: April 25
  • Price: $24.99
  • Perhaps a cat-based fishing simulator is the natural pinnacle of comfortable gaming for the Switch. Whisker Waters is a casual fishing and life simulation game where you have to use different techniques to catch a variety of fish. At least it seemed like it might be a lovely experience.

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